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Heart Tests Results

I had a battery of tests on the Myocardio Perfusion Test it says normal sinus rythem with poor R Waves, small area with photopenia in the inferior wall with significant amount of uptake noted. My Echo said Mildly dilated left atrium with normal ejection fraction 55-60. Abnormal left ventricle diastolic function. Possible Patent Foraman Ovale. My Holter said amount of 3 ventricular ectopic beats with 50 supraventricular ectopic beats, also 1 supra ventricular tachycardia . I am scheduled for an Angiogram next week. My question is what does this all mean? Also had mild regurgitation in valves. Should I be concerned.
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I think you should be concerned that your doctor(S) didn't explain and evaluate... prognosticate.  

Sounds like you have some problems, but I can't give a specific diagnosis.  The angiogram sounds strange, did you undergo a nuclear stress test and that indicated possible blockage?  

Ask/demand your doctor put it all together with a forecast on you future health.
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I have to agree, I would want more info on why they want an angiogram. While it may be necessary, I would ask for a better explanation.
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I have an Adrenal Tumor and the Endocrinologist sent me to the Cardiac Dr. since I have experienced chest pain she wanted to know if I could withstand surgery. I had a Nuclear Test,Echocardiogram,Chemical Stress Test.
I have High Blood Presure,High Cholesterol,Obesity, Pre Diabetes and a former smoker although it has been15 years smoke free.He said it showed a possible blockage and small hole a Patent Foramen Ovale. They did not think they would get any good pictures off a CT Scan. He said it was better to be safe then sorry. I want to know if these sound like bad problems with my heart?
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