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Hi, After PET stress test, Dr said its ok. I don't think so!

1. There is a very small sized mild ischemia in the inferoapical wall in the usual distribution of the distal Posterior Descending Artery. This defect comprises 5 % of the left ventricular myocardium.
2. There is a very small sized mild ischemia in the basilar lateral wall in the usual distribution of the OM2. This defect comprises 5 % of the left ventricular myocardium.
3.  Resting wall motion & stress wall motion is physiologic.
4.  LV function rest & stress normal. 5. Ventricular volumes normal at rest & stress. 6. Extracardiac distribution of radioactivity is normal.
7. When compared to the previous study from 09/02/2015, there is now a very small mild area of ischemia in the basilar lateral wall (OM2 or distal LCX distribution).  The inferoapical region of ischemia is unchanged. Whole heart absolute stress flow and CFR are unchanged consistent with stable CAD.

Assessment:  small reversible defect; non-dominant RCA  
Question:  What's this mean?  Have 3 month trip out country. Go/Stay?
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Yeah, you can go out of the country. It may be beneficial to take some medications with you though.. Such as aspirin/plavix or brilinta, a statin such as lipitor and sublingual nitroglycerin.

The sooner you get treated the better though.
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To summarize what it means... You have cad.. You have a blockage in an obtuse marginal (small branch coming off the circumflex).

This impairs your heart function by about 5% and if you were to get a stent this would go away.

In terms of treatment you need to go on medications to keep the disease from getting worse, to treat chest pain and to protect from a future heart attack.. I mentioned some examples of these in the previous post. The sooner you get on medical management the better.

Coronary angiography or stenting may he necessary, particuarly if you're symptomatic.

The reason I mention getting treated asap is not because of severity, but because the heart muscle is still viable now, so the sooner its open the more of that 5% you can recover.
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