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Need Help for ECG result.

Hi Guys,

Hope all is fine. Just want to know about the result of my ecg. last June i had one ecg and the result is regular Sinus Rythem/Intraventricular conduction delay. According to the previous cardio i had nothing to worry about it because my other test such as 2dEcho, bloodtest, stress test all but came normal. Now i had one again because the chest pain still with me and 5 days ago my BP went high to 160/120. So i went to the doctor and had me requested to go for ECG. Now the result says Non-Specific ST-T wave changes. I ask the doctor about the result but said i will give you medicine for High BP and another one name trimetazidine vestral.
Pls help i dont know if i have a heart problem now or what because it was just 4 months ago i got tested with stress test, 2Decho wchich says i have great vessels now i got this for 4 months? my cholesterol is normal, but my blood sugar is high but not diabetic. plus i have Anxiety and i have been working on my anxiety but now im down again. any response is appreciated.
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I looked up medicine vestral and it is for angina.  I suggest researching it yourself.  I do that when I get test results I don't understand.  Then once you have all the information you can you can ask your doctor informed questions. Be pushy if you have to, but get the answers you need. Not just about what is wrong but how serious it is and what you need to expect or watch out for.
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Thanks for the reply. I already research on the med but i dont understand why i just got good 2d echo last june but yesterday the doctor just says i already need med. which in fact according to my previous cardio said i dont need med  just lifestyle changes and exercise. i dont want to aggravate my anxiety which is already is.
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I understand. I have anxiety too.  I just think your doctor should have gave you more info.  I know my grandfather lived with angina most his life without problems.  He just took meds. I'm sorry I don't have more info for you.  I get very frustrated myself when my doctors don't give me enough info.  My cardiologist said their can be blockages that don't show up on stress test because they are not over 60%. Which is good.  Angina is usually treatable if that helps ease your mind.  If you were in immediate danger I'm sure your doc would have told you.  I still think you need to get more definite answers from him to ease your mind.  Then you can know when to worry and when not to. Good luck and try not to worry too much.  I know that's easier said than done.  
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thanks for the reply. I appreciate it much. Its just a little bit hard for me. I guess i may not be the only one who think to much about this but lots of it i can see that anxiety can cause pain in chest arms. I have been in a loop for 5 months now. Trying to ease what is uncertain to me. I know God will help me overcome this.
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