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Problem with diagnosis

I'm a 60 year old female with high cholesterol (genetic) and high blood pressure for many years but under control from medication (3,7 and 125/85 usually) Apart from this I was pretty fit until 2 years ago (running twice a week, gym 3 times ,pilates once) Had to stop running due to severe breathlessness, and I've been deteriorating ever sinceand can no longer go to the gym. My GP ran blood tests and I had a positive B-type natriuretic peptide reading but at a lowish end of the scale, she also identified a heart murmer. A lung Xray was clear. 6 mths ago I finally had an echocardiogram. This identified mid cavity turbulence in the left ventricle and ruled out aortic stenosis.He prescribed 2.5 mg Bisoprolol
3 weeks ago I was due to have a Stress Echocardiogram but couldn't as my heart beat was too high (150 when they wanted to take it up to 136). They gave me a definite diagnosis of subaortic stenosis and wanted me seen within 2 weeks for a transesophageal echocardiogram to 'establish the fine detail' and decide how to progress. BUT I was told the subaortic stenosis could not be seen now. How can something quite severe disappear? I am back to square one they say there may be something wrong with the dynamics of the heart and that because I am 'small'     10 years usage of Bendroflumethiazide might be having a detrimental effect. Neither myself or my doctor can find anything in print to back this up.I know it's a diuretic but I drink plenty of water. I thought I had a diagnosis and now no one seems to know. I'm down for an MRI scan now, but there'll be quite a wait. Any suggestions very welcome
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Are you taking CoQ10?
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Yes, and I take Vitamin E and Flax seed too
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I found this article "Nutrient Depletion a Serious Side Effect of Statins" by Dr Stephen Sinatra...

"Supplements to Counteract the Side Effects of Statins

Here’s a list of nutrients I recommend to all statin users. Because of the CoQ10 connection, it’s at the top of the list. But because CoQ10 is so intimately involved in cellular energy production, I also recommend including complementary nutrients in your daily regimen to offset the side effects of statins. You’ll find many of these nutrients in a quality multivitamin and mineral formula. Others, like CoQ10, ribose and broad spectrum carnitine, must be purchased separately and can be found in health-food stores and most grocery stores.

CoQ10, 100–200 mg (hydrosoluble softgel) daily. CoQ10 serves as a raw material for the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the primary source of cellular energy. Also a potent antioxidant, CoQ10 helps to neutralize the free radicals generated during the ATP production cycle.

Broad spectrum carnitine, 1–2 g daily. This nutrient shuttles the fatty acids necessary for ATP production into the cells and transports waste material out.

Ribose, 5 g twice a day. Ribose allows used ATP molecules to be recycled more quickly. A simple sugar made in every cell, ribose is depleted by heart disease. When taken as a supplement, it rapidly re-energizes heart patients.

Magnesium, 400–800 mg daily. In the body, magnesium helps activate and regulate more than 350 enzymatic reactions. It is also required to stabilize and store ATP.

Vitamin E (100–200 IU of mixed tocopherols daily), Vitamin C (200 mg daily), and Alpha lipoic acid (50–100 mg daily). These three major antioxidants protect your cells from free-radical damage and are able to penetrate the inner mitochondrial membrane.

Copper (500 mcg to 1 mg daily), Zinc (15–30 mg daily), Molybdenum (75–150 mcg daily), and Manganese (2–4 mg daily). All four are vital minerals for ATP production and cellular health and repair."
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My ears would perk up if I heard " mid cavity turbulence in the left ventricle".  This can lead to clots, I know from first hand experience... I'm just a hack, not a health professional, but I've battled heart disease first hand and personal for 15 years.  You ask how a condition can disappear, either it was operator error on the first or second test.  I'd demand an angiogram where they can determine exactly what is going on.  It is a minimally invasive procedure in that there are very, very few problems, millions are done each year.  The first one is scary, but they goof you up a lot.  During my last one of 15, I was singing nasty drinking songs to the nurses, much to my wife's embarrassment.  
Before embarking on an expensive and trial and error over the counter experience with drugs/minerals, I'd ask for blood tests to see if you are needing these supplements.  Overdoses of Magnesium can be quite dangerous, for example.
Do keep us informed, and best wishes.
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Thanks I'll have a look at these
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