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Rapid heart rate

Quick background: I'm a 26 year old male, generally in good shape. 6'2, 200 lbs and normally work out 5-6 days a week.

Around January 8th, I completed a challenge called the Tough Mudder. It was a 12.5 mile long obstacle course. I had never done anything like it before. This competition completely exhausted me. The day after I woke up feeling different. Kinda lightheaded, but more of just not myself than anything else. Anyway, I took about 4 days off from any physical activity, and ever since then, I've still been feeling lightheaded most days, and any physical activity exhausts me immediately and my heart instantly races like it hasn't done before.

Some examples would be:
   -Playing in a fastpitch softball tournament, I caught one inning and almost passed out. Had one at bat where I     took every pitch, but nevertheless my heart was practically beating out of my chest.

   -Mopping around the house.

   -Taking out the cat litter.

   -Attempting to swim laps and burning out from a lap and a half.

   -Opening the lid off of a jar, even to the point where I can feel my heart working harder.

Basically, any physical activity has been impossible. I ended up in the hospital at the softball tournament cuz my teammates suggested it. I had tons of tests done including bloodwork, EKGs, Echo, CTscan, MRI. Everything came back fine. The problem is that I was resting the entire time. Sometimes I still feel a little lightheaded, but unless I'm doing physical activity I feel ok.

Both cardiologists I've seen thought that everything seems fine and that I completely burnt myself out from the Tough Mudder. Before the race and after, I've always been good with fluid intake, including electrolytes, so there's no way I could still be dehydrated.

I'm still awaiting them to contact me for my stress test and heart monitor, but it's been over a month and it's still the same.

Not only does my heart race, but I feel like it kinda hurts when I strain myself in anyway, like lifting a box.

Any help would be appreciated.
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Hang in thee, I can't think of a reason that a strenuous activity would damage your heart unless you had an MI, which you don't seem to have had or the tests at the ER would have picked it up. The most likely cause is that you are experiencing a metabolism issue from your Thyroid being out of whack. All this could have been caused by getting your electrolytes and other body chemicals all out of whack by becoming overly dehydrated and your body just has not recovered yet. If your potassium or magnesium levels are too low you could experience the symptoms you describe. Also, if your hydration dropped you may also be seeing some residual affect on your kidneys which could cause your symptoms so watch you blood sugar levels. In short, eat lots of veggies and fruit to replenish your system.

Your stress test will most likely rule out the heart. Just take it easy until then and try not to get too worked up. Make sure your nutritional needs are being met so your body has what it needs to recover.

Good luck,

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The fact that you were resting and all tests were ok is not a problem; it is good. Meaning all your trouble will go away.  Give it more time you will get out from it. Just think about that how even one single new exercise can cause pain in a certain muscle for days or even a week.  Or leg injuries that not visible and not detectible by tests, we just feel it for weeks or even months.
Your whole body was overly used in this program. So be patient, ask help for completing some daily routine from your family and friends, and rest not just your body but your mind as well. Everything is going to be alright!
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Thank guys, that definitely helps a lot. I'm pretty much a hypochondriac, so every thing is always made worse.

The whole problem was just that it hasn't been going away after doing almost nothing for a month.

I'll definitely step up the veggie intake which I was doing before the race, but just haven't really felt like going out to the store since then since I was feeling so funny.

Thanks again to both of you for easing my tensions.
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