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rapid heart beat night

I HAVE RAPID HEART BEAT AT NIGHT, this wakes me up and my heart is beating so fast I can't count the beats, my blood pressure is like 190 over 90 and I'm lightheaded and very shaky, after maybe 10 minutes I start to get better. I don't know what causes this does anyone out their know.  dobroplayer  

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This is so crazy I have been experiencing the same exact thing for the past two weeks with the rapid hear beat at night and it waking me up.  I also have chest pains that go along with this after my heart stops beating so fast.  It is really getting to me since I am losing sleep at night. So if anyone knows what this is can you please help us out. Thanks
Ask your doctor about svt
Hi tinamarie1993, welcome.  Have you had issues with SVT yourself?  
Yes I have! I was diagnosed back in August. I wake up at night from it. If you wake up like that try takin deep breaths, drink Gatorade or Powerade an even check ur blood pressure as well. Cold rag or splashin cold water on your face helps
Thank you so much for replying tinamarie1993.  That's such valuable information to share!  Come back and visit us soon!
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   My rapid heart beat spells seem to happen more if I have had a stressful day, or  if I'm verry tired and only when I'm asleep, the doctor has put me on atenolol 25 mg to regulate my heart this is helping and I have only had 2 spells in 3 weeks. I'm now having some heart skips inthe day time, these are very annowing it feels like you don't get a good breath of air and my chest feels like it rolls inside. I'm going to get heart test in 10 days, I will let you know the results.    dobro player
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Hi! I have been having this problem for years now, i also suffer from some anxiety my doctor said it is because your brain is still working while your are sleeping even though you are not consiously aware of it therefore you can have panic attacks in your sleep which isnt all that rare...it causes chest pain shortness of breath elevated blood pressure rapid pulse and dizziness along with other symptoms, you should prob go to the doctor and let them do a ekg and an echo to make sure its not a problem with your heart though..hope it gets better!
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Hi, I know exactly what you are going through.  I have had heart palpitations for years and last August had a cardiac ablation to cure the attacks - I had been in the ER numerous times last year, since the ablation I don't get the palptiations anymore, but almost every night since them I have an episode of rapid heart beats that wake me up, or maybe I'm already awake, I can't tell, but they last for about 10 minutes then fade away.  The cardiologist could not find out anything even did a holter monitor when it first started and finally sent me for a sleep apnea test and found that I do have sleep apnea which can cause this and am now on a cpap machine during the night.  Unfortunately, it seemed to help for awhile but now I'm having the same problem while using the mask and machine.  I am currently scheduled to have my thyroid removed, I have Graves disease and in December my Thyroid went hyper so I was hoping that was part of the problem but since my thyroid levels were normal up until then, I keep thinking this is another issue.  I was even wondering could this be low blood sugar during the night?  I even tried to eat a small snack before bed but again woke up last night with the same thing.  One night it kept going rapid then slowing then going rapid again and I had taken atenolol and also the Xanax - nothing helped, finally it just went away.  My cardiologist says I'm fine and cleared me for surgery but I'm scared that this will never go away and the panic does make it worse!  Good luck but definitely get your cardiologist to figure out what is happening or try to.  
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I have to respond to this as this is how my nightmare started and I gather all of the information available to me and always, listen to my inner voice before I make a decision.

Around or about 4 weeks ago is when my heart began fluttering and beating so fast and hard and irregular,  that I could not sleep. This would happen just at 'rest' and lying down. (I recognized this same thing  in a lot of your posts)

I went to see my family doctor who suggested I see my Cardiologist, whom I've seen just once a year for a check-up.

Dr. wanted to rule out Thyroid and any blockages and of course, anything  in my blood that would indicate a problem. He proceeded to order tests...First the Echo, then the Stress, but first he wanted me to wear the Holter for just 24 hours. Doc said if it was 'bad' it will show in 24 hours.

I returned and they read the results. They called an ambulance before even telling  me what was wrong. After some prodding, the nurse told me.."It's really bad and you will never make it to the hospital if you drive yourself, there's just no time.
Ok, so off to the hospital. No meds while in there. (which aroused my suspicion, for I was told I was on my death bed, more or less)
Next day had the Heart Cath performed and the Dr. who was did it told me I had a beautiful heart and a second chance, because since I had no blockages, I was wide open, I could continue to eat well, excercise and QUIT SMOKING, which I agreed to do. I'm good at it, I quit all the time. Once for 5, once for 7 and once and last time for 3 years. (Anyone smoking  I pray you stop...if I knew then what I know now!!)

Yesterday I saw my Dr for my follow-up appointment. So, now it's been probably 3 weeks since I left the hospital and no problems since I've been home besides an occassional flutter here and there but I have been able to sleep and very well.

(I have PTSD and do suffer from severe anxiety, I am on Xanax for this and have been for years)

OK, fast forward...I am in the Dr's office and he was reading the recent EKG done just minutes before and said it wasn't that bad and my heart sounded good and strong.. THEN he asked me..."So, how have you been doing on the beta blocker?"..I said, what Beta Blocker? He replied, oh, I didn't release you with any medication?????

I was livid, so angry. I asked him if my condition was so very serious that it could cause 'Sudden Death" then why are you just putting  me on a beta blocker now???? He very uncaringly replied.."Oh, I thought I released you with medication."

I am looking  for another Dr now. My family Doc is setting me up with one. I was the one who wanted to see my Cardio. as I have been for check-ups and he's also performed Caths and placed stents in my Dad and husband.

In conclusion, I did take ONE Coreg  last night, but there is something  inside of me telling  me NOT to take this drug.... I can't explain it,  it's just a very strong  feeling.. I've only experienced this a couple times in my life, and both times it has saved my life.

Another thought here...Doc said "Stress" has nothing  to do with heart flutters..wrong,, that is not true. When I am under stress and have a bad day with panic attacks, that same night, the fluttering  is out of control. I've been reading all night long on here and I hear a lot of stress and I also hear more symptoms while under stress. We all know stress will cause many changes in our bodies. It is the worse evil! Please don't let anyone tell you it's not a contributing factor.

I just felt, and strongly, the need to share this, as I feel so much of this is money-related. These tests, all of it. Doctors should make their patients aware of how dangerous Beta blockers are. And also, explain the risks. Afterwards, it is up to the patient to weigh the pros and cons and come to their own decision.

There are a lot of people who need these drugs. They are keeping them alive. But, there are others that these drugs are killing.

There are also a lot of tests ordered that are not necessary.

This is my personal situation and just wanted to share my feelings on what had transpired in my case. I still have concerns and if I have to, will try as many doctors that I need to, to feel comfortable in knowing they are exploring every avenue and not just diagnosing on the results of a Holter test, alone.

Thank you for reading and I wish you all well and good health.


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I am 30 years old I have had arithmia for about 4 years now I have this problem at night I get so scared It happens more then once for about 10-15 minutes then I lay down and Im so afraid I can't sleep and every time i start to fall asleep I have a startle I feel in my heart it's like a jult last night was one of the worst I  didn't get to sleep until 6:30 this morning and sometimes my body is trying to shut down and I cant do anything about it and my brain is still awake. It happened to me once while I was awake and it frightened me even more I mean being awake while my body is trying to shut down and I do get the shake sometime I wake up and my body is shaking the whole bed and my heart is beating fast and really hard. I wish it would stop I feel for all of us that have to deal with this its like your gonna die. I dont have the  money to go to a doctor.
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I been feeling this for the past year it really ***** I think im going to stop smoking marijuana. Sometimes I feel so good and calmed and sometimes i get some really bad panic attacks like if im going to die. Im only 24yo I go to the gym 6 days a week I eat healthy and I am drug free. I been smoking marijuana since I was 13 yo and never had any panic attacks till now...I wonder why!? My heart is always tripn me out the doctor told me I had a extra heart beat but not to worry about it... I hope this stops soon for all of us it really *****!
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i am facing rapid heart beat especially at night it was not above 100 beats but was very hard and i also feel shortness of breath and like something is stuck in my heart i had ecg and electrocardiogram but my reports are normal i also had thyroid test but that is also normal but still i face this in regular interval.
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Wow, I thought I was all alone!  I am 46 years old, and I have been having this issue for about a month or two. It is the worst feeling because I realize that I am so tired for example I'll completely go off to sleep, only to wake up 1 hour later with a rapid heart rate. On top of not being able to get a good night's sleep, my mind starts to race about many things and all I want to do is get to sleep but my mind keeps jolting me awake. It is torturous! because I am cranky, and feel miserable, a lot of times. Personally, I don't want to start taking any medications. I went to the Urgent Care one night and my EKG was normal, my blood work came back normal, as well as my thyroid  test. I was starving for an answer. I am saddened that you all are going through the same thing but I have found some solace in your posts. Sometimes now when I wake up like that, which is most nights, I'll lay there all night drifting in and out of sleep, sheer misery. At other times, if I have the emotional strength, I go read my bible and pray.  I feel like only God can help me.  I have a 3 year old and and a daughter in college.  My husband has been patient, because of lack of sleep I have been grouchy, and an emotional wreck some times.  For Sure, the lack of sleep is bringing on other symptoms.  I stopped taking  my vitamins, and going to start fresh with something from a health store and appropriate for my age just to change some things up. My PCP wanted to prescribe some mild depression medication but I refuse to fill it, since I am still looking for what exactly is wrong with me.  I don't want to take medication to just make some doctor rich, hasn't bothered to send me for more test... Don't know if its a good idea but maybe I'll start jogging or power walking in the evenings.  I have had lots of things on my mind lately so sure stress might be involved, I guess I just hadn't realized the impact, if it's totally the case, don't know, but I want to live and enjoy the life that God has given me and enjoy my kids... You have a beautiful baby.
I see this post is from 3 years ago but I am same age as you (49) with a 6 year old and 5 year old.  I've been waking every night for 5 months with racing heart and arrhythmia.  I also experience shortness of breath during the day.  I've had echocardiogram come back OK other than mild pericardial effusion.  My 24-hour heart monitor showed I'm in and out of SVTs but doc brushed off and said normal rhythm... give it 2 years and it will pass "since I'm at that age"!!  Not the answer I want to hear.  I understand this could be related to hormonal changes so curious how you are doing now.  Mine are not related to anxiety or hot flashes.  I'm just relaxed, sleeping and wake up with heart beating abnormally and then it starts to race and goes back and forth for about 15-20 minutes, sometimes takes up to an hour before I can go back to sleep.  Some nights it happens 2-3 times.  My father had heart disease and afib so of course I am scared - especially with such young children who need me to be here for them.  Hoping you can share your experience and also hope you found some relief.  Take care.
Hello monarchmel, welcome to the forum.  First, it does sometimes help to start your own thread so members may address your concerns.  You can do that by using the Ask a Question, clicking on that and it opens a page to formulate your own question that will appear on the forum.

I certainly feel for you as a mother myself.  It sounds like you have been to your doctor and they have done some follow up with you to help determine your cardiovascular health.  Have you seen a cardiologist or just a general practitioner?
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The day after I turned 31 at 2:00am June 16,2016 I woke up suddenly holding my chest because I was having chest pains. I could not sleep I kept thinking heart attack. At 3am my dad called me (which no one but my boyfriend Jubilee calls me at 3am) and so that scared me I thought it might be my mom or one of my sibling's. I was close, my sisters soon to be ex husband was taken by ambulance to the ER. At 2am he got up to go to bed and fell in the floor having a major heart attack and died. I was very close to him. I was at the ER being seen and he was in there being worked on as they call it. But he was gone. He died. Since then I get rapid heart rate and chest pains I also have acid reflux which can trigger those things. I have been through heart test just took the holter off yesterday waiting for results 11.4.16. I get those flutters as well I used to when I was younger but now it is more often. I used to drink caffeine a lot and a ton of Mountain Dew. I stopped drinking mountain dew it has brominated vegetable oil in it. And I stopped drinking caffeinated tea and sodas. The flutters or flip flop feelings don't happen as often now. But I still wake with the fast heart rate and sounds like rushing in my ears. And a feeling of fullness in my chest but no pressure or anything. And I get little twinges or surges of chest pains in different parts of my chest. So I hope I get it fixed. BTW I was close to my brother n law. Even after him and my sister split up. He loved her so very much. RIP Allen "JABBER" Duke.
Some of these symbols and punctuation I didn't put in here so my post makes no sense.
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If your after load is that high ( you bp) your hr will try to compensate.  You need to get your bp lower
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