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A new (possibly silly) perspective

I have recently suffered from a bout of PVCs that have been going on intermittently for the last 2 weeks now.  My symptoms started with a 3 day bout of 1 PVC every minute or two, but after that subsided to about 6 a day.  6 a day may not sound like much, but due to the way they make me feel crazy, they are a serious health detriment in my life.

I started thinking about the possible causes of PVCs on my own, basically because I have lost confidence in Doctors because they usually rush out of the room before I can even think to remember the important questions I believe I need to ask.  I understand that a Doctor is not a psychologist or a psychiatrist, but they are really the first and last line of defense, they should at least act interested.

I made a list of things that I suspect cause problems in my life, and I brainstormed one possible cause that I have not heard considered.

I am overweight.  I need to lose about 50 lbs before I am clinically at a good weight.  Naturally, this is a possible cause that is easy to consider, but I had the realization that all of my PVC "episodes" (meaning that once I have one palpatation, I usually feel bad, which most often leads to getting more) all happened when I was in one of two positions:

1.  Sitting in my office chair at work, or sitting at my computer desk at home
2.  Laying in bed watching my TV.

My point is, that I have very bad posture.  Being overweight and having bad posture could cause pressures on my body that if maintained for long enough, may cause bad things to happen.  Usually that chair I sit in does not have a solid back to it.  So when sitting, I am pretty much slouched over.  When I am laying in bed watching TV, my back is basically in a curved position.  That combined with my weight could possibly cause some issues.

At least, this is what I want to explore.

Has anyone had any similar thoughts about this?  It may be a stretch to attribute this to real problems, but I feel I should investigate this possiblility.

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It will be interesting to see if the posture change helps you. There are many people that have PVC's from over eating, bending over or laying on their side in bed. Any of those could put pressure on the vagus nerve which may trigger an arrhythmia. So your idea of weight plus poor posture seems valid to me. Let us know.
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Good points. I notice when I sit slouched in my chair or lay down, they will act up, especially if I have just eaten or had a large glass of water. I have been diagnosed with a hiatal hernia, so I blame it, I guess it presses against that vagus nerve and then the "dance" starts. UGH!
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I am a 42 year male. For some time now I have been having PAC and PVC's. They vary between 1 to 2 a day to latley several hundred a day. This has made me quite disfunctional and VERY Worried!! When these occur I have the feeling of losing my breath and feeling faint. When they start coming on I start to sweat and feel light headed then the PVC and PAC's start. There seems to be some conection with acid reflux and these palpitations. They usually occur shortly after eating meals or having a bowel movement.
I have been researching the Vagus nerve and reading post from readers who seem to have the same symptoms as I do. If anybody has any information concerning the treatment of the Vagus nerve in relation to PVC's and PAC's please let me know. This disease is making me miss out on a lot of thing that I enjoy due to worrying. The only way I can get them to stop is sometimes I can lay down and they will improve. I have been told that there is no relation between PVC's and Stomach , but I know this cannot be true.

I have had every test that be done concerning my heart and they have all been negative.

I can also stop these by changing from a slouching position to a more upright one
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Here is what im finding. It is not the Gerd or Hiatel hernia thats causing the problem but the acid reflux and the hiatel hernia and PVC's are a symptom of the overstimulated vagus nerve so, This means that whatever is slowing your metabolism is the culprit ie Hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, gastroperesis, and a whole hole of others.
What seems to be happening in many cases is the Metabolic rate has slowed (age , disease) which immediatly tells the Vagus Nerve to produce more acid the vagus nerve controls heart rate and acid production which is why your heart races when you eat a lot of carbs or greasy food. But because your metabolism has slowed the gas stays in your stomach causing reflux or even a hiatel hernia from pressure. This equates to PVC's because the Vagus Nerve is overstimulated and sometimes throws the extra electricity out the path of least resistance.

Seems we treat the symptoms believing they are the cause and never really even get the underlying problems fixed that can stop it all.

Well this is my theory would love to know yor story to try and see if it might fit this also.

Have a good evening

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Well, it has been almost a week since I tried my 'better posture' theory.  Although the results are not really conclusive, they are enough for me to think that I am on to something.

In this last week since I have been watching my posture, I have had a total of 5 PVC events (single beats that I have noticed)  4 of them have taken place at night, right when I first lay down to try to sleep.  Just when I am settling down to sleep (with my back curved trying to get position) is exactly when they occured.  The last one occured today at work, when I sat at my office chair to read my text on my laptop.  The text is small, so I was slouching forward so that I could read the screen easily.  I had forgotten for a while that I was supposed to be mindful of my posture.  A very strong PVC sensation was the result.

This is looking like a pattern.  The onset of my problems only occur when I am slouching, or in a curved position.  This isn't conclusive because I spend so much of my day sitting down, but I just can't deny that I have an immediate sensation to straighten my back and sit up straight.

On the days where I was the most vigiliant of minding my posture, I had no problems all day.

TO KBJ0:  I do not have any hiatel hernia symptoms, and I do not seem to suffer from acid reflux problems.  Although my dentist always asks if I have acid reflux because of wear on my teeth.  I don't seem to suffer from acid or digestion pain, but maybe they are just worse than I realize, I really don't know.

I think the very first thing I can do is lose some weight.  I had no symptoms when I was 35 lbs lighter.
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I have had PVCs raning from minor to severe for over 30 years.  I know my triggers are caffeine, alcohol, stress, etc.  But I also subscribe to the posture theory and weight theory.  Even though some very thin, very fit people can get PVCs and AFIB I do believe that for overweight people (like myself) posture is an issue.  I find if I am having a period of high PVC activity and I sit in a recliner with a small toy basketball between my shoulder blades it hyperextends my chest out and straightens out my posture (over compensates really) and the PVCs end.  It could indeed be pressure on the vagus nerve or actually pressure on the heart itself by compressing the abdomen in the chest cavity causing the PVCs.  Interesting idea.  How did you make out long term?
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