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A second opinion on Chest pains/palpitations?

I'm new to this site, 23 years old from UK and a little over 5 years ago I had my first chest pains and saw a doctor who gave me various tests to determine the cause, my ECG showed a heart rate of 159bpm and he put this down to being in a hospital setting that could possibly have been making me anxious, and I was quickly dismissed and told it was most likely inflammation related to the rib cage or muscle damage and it wasn't anything to worry about.

After this, approx once every couple of months the pain returned, often accompanied by being able to feel my heart beat in my fingers, toes and head. It is a moderate dense ache type of pain and a throbbing with an occasional intense jolt. It seemed to then happen less, to about once every 4-5 months. Although I really felt as though it was to do with my heart, I had been told it wasn't so I really didn't want to waste valuable NHS time and assumed it would come to an end over time.

3 years ago I started my job as a Chef in a busy stressful kitchen and I noticed the pain was much more intense when it happened, and 2 years ago I had to undergo surgery on my spine for an injury and the surgeon told me during my surgery I had a very irregular heart beat/palpitations which continued through my recovery as they were monitoring me (I was on a lot of strong medications known for increasing heart rate). However, I have since kept track of my heart rate and took more notice of the chest pains and I often have heart palpitations in every day life too.

Yesterday, I had chest pains again and although they were mild, for the first time in 5 years they were also accompanied by a tightness in my jaw and a throbbing in my shoulder which lasted for 20 mins. I was hoping for a second opinion here, should I be worried? Thank you.
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Can’t say. Need an echo and Holter monitor
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