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Palpitations everyday

Hi everyone! I’m really really struggling at the moment with heart palpitations, I have anxiety and have had palpitations for a lil over 10 years. Normally I can handle them and just forget about them but recently I’ve been have a few more than what I normally would, my heart isn’t racing it just feels like a flutter or a strong thump. I don’t get chest pain and I don’t sweat ect when I get them. Recently I’ve had about 5 in about 6mins, I have anxiety and I’m a very stressful person! Is it possible that my mental health and me constantly worrying when the next palpitations will come are making these worse and more frequent? I don’t drink I’m stopped fizzy drinks ect. I don’t really drink a lot of water and most of the time I only drink de caffeinated tea 2 in 6/7 hours? I’m trying to drink more water and eat more healthily as I’m so scared. These palpitations make me not want to do anything leave the house ect they really are ruining my life and all I keep thinking is I’m going to die, I’m so fixated on my chest and my heart I’m just wondering the more I think about them can that make them worse? I had a ekg a month ago and the doc said it looked fine I also had a full blood test and all that showed was low b12 which I’m on injections for. Someone please talk to me I’m so worried mentally am I causing these horrible palpitations or is it something more sinister ????
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So, I'm no expert and I don't expect this to be your problem, but I'm putting my case here just in case. I have been fit all my life and had recently started to take a new Protein shake brand after my workouts.  After months of using it, I started to feel some slight palpitations that worried me. Never had them before. Diet hadn't changed, everything else checked, so I decided to change the protein intake to a vegetable protein type suspecting that some ingredient in my whey protein was at fault.  Heart palpitations stopped. That was about 6 months ago. Don't know exactly what in the mix could be causing it and I worry, drink coffee, all the other things and none of them caused me palpitations before and after so my case is certainly different.
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Hope this will help I have had PVCS SVTS PACS first I would stop drinking Caffeine be careful any over the counter supplements as they have side effects I know it is easy to say you have to stop doing this to your self also you must drink plenty of water not enough  water has a lot to do with your Palpitations now with this heat I don't know if you are a Christion if you are just ask God to take the worry of all this from you and believe in it stress is the worst thing for you  hope this will help.  Tony SC
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Hello. I just wanted to see how you were doing. I hope things have gotten better. I have experienced my heart skipping, beats for years. I had a Holter monitor several years ago, and the results were fine. I have had two EKGs in the past year, and the results were fine. Now I’m going to be put on a monitor for 14 days. The palpitations have been a lot worse the past few months. I have also been extremely stressed the last few months. I’ve noticed that my ankles have also been swelling though. This is an endless cycle of worrying and then feeling better and the palpitations not being as bad, but then worrying again and having them get worse over and over again.
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