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I had an rf ablation June 8 for avnrt. 2 monitors afterwards, showed very short episodes of paroxsymal afib/flutter. I cannot tell the difference as far as symptoms are concerned. EP has me on 81mg aspirin and 50 mg metoprolol daily. I think I am opting for a cryoablation. EP says its better to do it now while Im relatively young and healthy so that in 10 years Im not in perm/chronic afib and on tons of meds. Can anyone share their experience with me? I am trying not to drive myself crazy again. EP says Id stay overnite for observation and be on a real blood thinner for 2 months....
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Seems awful quick to go in for another ablation.  I thought most eps want to give it 3-6 months to see if things settle down on their own.  I'm not trying to talk you out of it if you have a lot of afib episodes but just wonder if with time and a chance for your heart to heal if they afib would go away but I am not an expert in this so go by what feels right to you.  I know people can have a lone episode induced by certain things but maybe in your case it is the kind that would keep progressing.  Best of luck with it.
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Your EP is right about catching AF early instead of letting it progress towards persistent and chronic.  Like all other ablation procedures, you want to use someone that does a high volume of AF procedures.  RF requires more skill and experience than cryoablation but cryo has a higher rate of recurrence around 25% because PV reconnection.  The catheter doesn't turn well especially for the right inferior PV.  So I suggest going to a center that do a high volume of AF with both RF and cryoballoon and let the EP choose his tool of choice with a chance that a second procedure with RF may be required if cryo procedure doesn't last.  Also check out the LAF forum for suggestions.
Thank you.
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