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Ablation Recovery Period

Hello everyone, so happy to have found this community! I had an ablation procedure 10 days ago since I had frequent PVCs of over 21,000 per day. I experienced PVCs for a couple of days after the procedure, but on the 4th day they went away. I am currently taking both Metoprolol and Mexilitine. I am currently often experiencing a heaviness or tightness in my chest accompanied by labored breathing or difficulty breathing, but my Apple Watch shows sinus rhythm and I haven’t seen any PVCs since. I’ve read that some chest discomfort is normal after the procedure, but most things I’ve read say it should subside in just a few days. Just wondering for those of you who have had an ablation what your experience was for recovery and how long it took. Any thoughts on whether what I’m experiencing is normal? I don’t see my EP for another 5 weeks, so any advice would really be appreciated!
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