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After wollf parkinson white syndrome Ablation

Hi I had ablation for wpw 5 months again right sided pathway it was succefull but now I am having this hot sensation and hard fast palpitation and little skipped beat but when I stand up I have this really hard flutter and fast heart rate and most importantly when this happens I feel shortness of breathless a lot

so my question is can this lead to heart Fauilre or can these hard fast or flutters wekean my heart with shortness of breath  and will there be any future promblems will I get heart fauilre in future or will it be fine in the future after this symptoms of wpw ablation

And lastly what is the outlook for wpw can you not develop weak heart is there a small chance what is the outlook after wpw ablation in future

Thank you very much:)
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No.  WPW and AT are upper chamber and heart failure happens when the lower chamber muscles thicken or die (from a heart attack) causing progressive stages of scarring and abnormal electrical signals.  Good to hear that your ablation is successful.  Stay healthy.
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Thanks for getting back to me
I agree with you so isn’t wpw upper and lower chambers the esra electrical signal  but won’t the fast hard beats weaken heart
If you no longer have WPW, then it is not a worry.  Even if your ablation was unsuccessful, it usually takes years for heart failure to progress.  If you are concerned, wear one of the smart watches that monitors your heart and go over the data with your EP during your followup visits.  There is a possibility that you may have had AF that wasn't caught at the time of your WPW ablation.  Some people don't get diagnosed with AF until their WPW or flutter gets ablated as eliminating the latter reveals other unresolved triggers.  Still, heart failure even in the case of AF takes time to develop so you will have time to take care of it.
Thank you for getting back to me again
I want to know I have thisalways  first hot sensation then fast heartbeat and sometimes when I sit down I also have skipped beat but little but sometimes I don’t have hot sensation at little times and still have palpatation
As you said AF can this fast heartbeats be af I have little skipped beat separate from fast heartbeat can this be af cause af is disorganised But I have fast and skipped I think ectopic have the heart monitor on my I phone which helps
Can fast hard flutter when standing will be a promblem over time I want to say heart fauilre but you said the answer twice
Can you not have af with wpw did anyone just have skipped and fast heartbeat because I’m 16 year old boy who has no family history echocardiogram normal

How do I know if I have af after wpw ablation can fast heartbeat flutter be a symptom of af?

Thank you thank you very much for returning back to me you never left me alone I appreciate it :))
Given your age, your probability of having anything else besides WPW is very small.  It is not unheard of but you probably have better chances of winning the lottery.  Relax as getting stress out about your heart is not helpful.  Your heart rate varies depending on activity.  That's life.
I see thanks for the support :)
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