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Am I at risk?

I am a 58 year old male.  A few months ago I self diagnosed myself to have arythmia.  Three days ago I woke up with very blurred vission which cleared after about 15 minutes.  It was not a megraine.  Although my vission cleared, my right eye is markedly weaker now (blurred vission).  Was this TIA and what should I do?
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You need to be seen by a doctor. They can check in your eye to look for a bleed. I'm sure there are other tests that can be done as well. Don't wait because any symptoms inside the eye will clear up with time. I had a similar thing happen at work one day - lost the vision in my left eye for about 15 minutes. It gradually came back.

It's best to find out if you had a TIA since that is a warning for you. Better to know now and head it off instead of waiting for another TIA or worse, a stroke.
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Anyone, (this includes doctors) that has himself for a doctor has a fool for a doctor. Never diagnose yourself. Go to ER if necessary. Obviously something has happened and you need to see a doctor and likely a specialist. Do It and get some peace of mind. All the best.
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The fact that you self diagnosed yourself a few months ago probably led you to this door. No one should do this and as said above, not even a doctor. Get this checked out by someone who knows what they are doing!  
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