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Anxiety ? Palpitations ? Arrhythmia? Serious or not ?

I woke up the other day n started to have what I think is heart palpitations. I have suffered from anxiety for years now n rarely I would feel an irregular heartbeat . On Monday morning I woke up n was headed to work when I got a flutter driving which immediately got me nervous . When these flutters happen idk if I’m losing air or I’m anxious but I start to breath heavy . Bc it happened consistently Monday which was about an episode every minute lasting about a second I went to the ER . I took an EkG and everything was ok n no arrhythmia. Also blood work was done and everything was normal . I went home and went to work the next day and after work I started to get the fluttering again . This was accompanied by minor chest discomfort for seconds . I went to an urgent care where they took n EKG n said I should go to the ER . Later I went to the ER where they re did my EKG n blood tests n checked my lungs . All passed . No arrhythmia n blood work was all normal range . Went to a cardiologist yesterday where they did a EKG and no arrhythmia. I also want to note I did a echocardiogram about 2 months ago and everything was normal . As much as I want to blame this on stress n anxiety I don’t want to dismiss it because it is my heart and when the fluttering happens it’s not a goos sensation n it just heightens my anxiety . That being said I was wondering your opinion on this matter . I have scheduled a holter monitor next week and a stress test . My concern is obviously dropping dead . My anxiety obviously thinks the worst case scenario but I’m not doctor so when I think heart problems I get very scared . I’m a 34 year old male . I work out at least 3 days a week . My sleep Patterns are not great bc of work n I still eat fast food every once in a while .
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