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Could stopping flecainide without weaning off cause HR abnormalties?

After procedure 3rd time ablation my doctor did not put me back on my Flecainide in the hospital.  I’ve been taking it since my first procedure back in 2017.  I took 100 mg 2 x day until I had my 2nd procedure about 6 months later.  Then switched to 50 mg 2 x day.  I just had my 3rd ablation less than 2 weeks ago.  I’m a dance fitness instructor and after being released last Thursday, 1 week post ablation I was told I could go back to my classes but to keep it in low intensity.  No jumping.  So here’s my question, my heart rate climbs super fast and I’m not seeing it go down until my class is over.  My classes are designed to work the HR at interval training.  Prior to this last ablation while on my arrhythmia med, my heart rate increased and decreased just as it should.  Could stopping the flecainide so quickly be causing the rates to go wonky?
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