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Ectopic beats during exercise vs. ectopic beats during rest

I noticed that the lion's share of my ectopic beats happen during rest.  Sometimes I ride my bike for hours and when the elevated heartrate doesn't seem to induce any ectopic beats.  It looks like exercise has no effect on my ectopic beats, meaning they're just as likely to occur during rest as during exercise.  Stress, on the other hand, does.  If I'm stressed out, for example when talking to someone who is making me nervous, I will have premature beats, couplets or NSVT.  If I have to give a speech, the same thing happens.  I heard that if ectopic beats happen during exercise, they are more ominous.  Is this true?  
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The increased heart rate often suppresses the ectopics, the immediately post-exercise  increase may suggest heart circulation problems (I am not physician - just sufferer who read lots of papers).
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PVC after exercise are normal. Totally normal. Excess adrenaline, change in heart rate etc provoke them. Post exercise PVC are worth having a check when they are frequent (one of your papers defines that as 10 (!)%  of all beats, which is very very high. You would certainly feel that.)

Moreover, a cardiologist told me, that its only a concern for people with structural heart disease.
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Have you been checked out? If yes, then no. Nothing to worry about.
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