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Petrified of supposedly "benign" sklipped heart beats.

I am obsessed with my skipped heart beats even though the 7 day event patch didn't show anything wrong. I want an echocardiogram, but I have to pay as the cardiologist and government don't think I need one. I live in New Zealand, and if the issue is serious or the doctor thinks it is warranted, then you get it paid, otherwise, the patient pays. I think it's awful, I am 66 and should have at least a baseline. The GP didn't think I needed that 7 day patch either, so I had to pay, if it hadn't been for the help of a relative, I would not have been able to get it, it was 960.00 and I feel like it was a waste as it didn't show the beats that scare me, they came back after I returned the monitor.  I am in tears all the time. They scare me.

This was the "Conclusion" regarding the monitor results:

7 Day study
Sinus rhythm
The average heart was 70bpm. The minimum heart rate was 49 bpm and the maximum was 121.
Rare ventricular ectopics
Rare Supra-ventricular ectopics with rare couplets and 6 (3-14 beat) episodes of supra-ventricular  tachycardia,average rates with beats up to 146 bpm.
No pauses greater than 2.0 seconds
Ventricular ectopics 2 with a 0,00% bufden
Supra-ventricular ectopics 321
SV-run Total 6 (total beats 36)
Longest SV run: 14@114 bpm.
Max HR in SV-run: 3@ 146bpm
SVE Burden %: 0.04%
A-Fib Burden (%) 0.00%
Total Minutes >100BPM 112
Tachycardia burden %: 1.11%

What really upsets me is I had some really bad ones AFTER I returned the monitor. So, I still don't know what is going on. One I had was like this: beat, beat, beat, etc then a quick beat and a half beat, then some fast beats, then beat, beat, beat, beat, etc then a quick beat and a half beat, than some fast heart beats. It didn't last long, but it scared me.

I am at my wits end, I can't stand those little "blips" that you  feel in the throat. Mine also act up a lot after I eat, when I bend down or lay down. I do have a hiatal hernia, so I suspect that is contributing to it as well. I watch videos by a wonderful cardiologist in York, his name is Gupta Sanjay, they seem to help, but I still am afraid. I want to stop this fear, it is taking over my life.  
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Hello, anyone have any answers????
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