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Frequent PVCs with increase HR, what is going on?

I am a 24 year old female, 5'8, 195 lbs (obese). I have always had occasional PVCs all my life, went to the cardiologist and said I was perfectly fine. Last year I was doing a workout and noticed skipped beats. My skipped beats would always go away with exercise, now they are frequent during any exertion. I went back to the cardiologist, they did a stress test which showed occasional PVCs with increased HR, he was not concerned at all. So I just went on with my life. Ever since then they have become progressively worse, every time my HR gets above 100 BPM they have become frequent (30 a minute). Went back to the cardiologist, he did an echo which showed normal heart function with PVCs. I went on a beta blocker because I just couldn't take it anymore, I take atenolol 25 mg a day and I hate it. I already have low BP and it makes me dizzy and lightheaded. My doctor just doesn't seem concerned at all. What happened? Why is my heart acting like this all of a sudden? My doctor thinks its because I am out of shape and told me to exercise more but even with the beta blocker, if my HR gets high I still get them. Can the echo not show if something else is going on? Sudden cardiac death does not run in my family, but I am scared that it might with me. I have become so depressed and convinced that I am going to die soon. My doctor just wants to blame all of this on deconditioning and anxiety, but there are people a lot bigger than me and out of shape that don't get these. He thinks my PVCs are adrenaline based. I use to be very active when I was younger, and never felt skipped beats, only at rest. I have seen 2 cardiologists about this and neither of them are concerned whatsoever. I am so tired of this, I don't know what is causing them to get worse over the last year. My heart is apparently healthy and my doctors haven't suggesting getting labs done on my electrolytes. If anyone has any advice or suggestions on what is going on please let me know. I cry everyday thinking I am going To die, I cannot live like this anymore.
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Hey there I definitely understand how you feel. Last year I went through the beginnings of PVC , I would have thousands of them per day. I just had an ablation done 5 months prior to experiencing the discomfort of the p v c. I thought they had done something bad to my heart. I usually got them just before bedtime and like you said if I worked out they got worse when I was exerted. My cardiologists reacted the same way telling me that they were normal and I was having panic attacks when they would start and I could feel my heart skipping beats as well as beating out of my chest. I lost about 60 pounds in that year worrying that I was going to die. I suffered so many months trying to find the answers. My doctor seems like it wasn't nothing to be concerned with so I did some research and what I found was that this is a normal thing. Then one day someone told me are you going to live life or you going to let life live you. When I found that there is no concerns I started feeling better then I purchased an EKG to go with my smartphone so I could do a EKG every time I felt like something was wrong to assure myself that my heart was fine. My biggest issue would be that I would think I was dying and anxiety would take over so I had to convince myself that I was not dying. I understand that is hard to do but when you think you are sick your mind will make you sick. The device I used was covered under my FSA benefits and was only $99 it was made by a company called KardIA . Every time I felt bad I would perform the EKG and it would notify me that my heart is normal sinus rhythm. I hope you will do well and feel much better when you accept what you are going through is perfectly normal and again I understand that's hard to do. The more research you do to understand that this is a normal situation and there have been no fatalities related to that particular situation it will make life easier to live. Good luck
I’m just scared because in the last year they have gotten progressively worse. I went from getting them occasionally during extreme exertion to just getting them when I am walking. I don’t know if my anxiety has gotten worse but when I had my echo in February my heart looked perfectly healthy
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Don't be scared, after a while, heart becomes adrenaline sensitive, so it skips beats whatever the adrenaline cause is. Learn to relax, meditate and redirect your toughts. Thinking about them alerts the mind which immediately sends false alarm signals to your body which starts prapairing for "something big". That something doesn't exist, it's in your head. If your heart is healthy then no worries. Some people go to the toilette and have stomach ache, some faint, some sweat, some have to pee a lot, you sense it thru your heart. That's it, a nervous heart. And the PVCs are just symptoms.
It’s just crazy I had bad anxiety a couple of years ago and hardly got skipped beats. Now I’m getting them constantly. My beta blocker has helped tremendously but I don’t want to be on it forever. I’m only 24. I wonder if me being out of shape and overweight can increase my PVCs during any type of exertion. It makes me so sad, I use to love life and I was very active. Now I’m scared to even leave my house because of these things
Couple of years ago i beat them with weight loss and intense workout...if you are out of shape get back into it.
Were you having tachycardia induced PVCs as well? I need to just tell myself to push through them. Every time I get one while working out I immediately just stop. I need to push myself more
Yes, I had them but as soon as my doctor said that they're normal I felt better and they decreased. Ofcourse they came back because I let them. They really can mess with your head, don't allow them.
But talk to your doctor about losing weight, find a nutritian who will make a diet plan. Your heart will be grateful along with the whole body and mind. Be strong and don't give up.
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