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hi..m 29 years male..recently i did 24 hours holter monitoring..total beats-121955, min-53,max-118...total ventricular ectopics were more...tatal VE beats-43247,triplets-1,couplets-31,bigeminy-34983,total SVE-45,NO atrial fibrillation...i do experience anxiety sometimes..or else totally symptoms free..my 2d echo is normal...pls help me to know of my holter report...
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The "VE beats" are premature ventricular contractions, or PVCs.  There's a lot of analysis that needs to be done to properly diagnose them.  It's not a simple "oh you have PVCs, here's what they mean" answer.

Your cardiologist will have to run tests, usually that's an echo, perhaps a stress test, perhaps a nuke stress, maybe even an MRI with contrast.

PVCs in a healthy heart are generally considered to be benign.  If your blood flow is OK, the valves are working right, ejection fraction is good, the muscle looks healthy,....They will probably be classified as benign.   These types are attributed to enhanced automaticity.  

If I calculated correctly, PVCs are making up about 35% of of your heat beats.  Generally speaking, the goal is to get that below 15%.   Some studies have shown that anything greater than 15% might lead to degraded left ventricular function and further, if the PVCs are reduced, the function returns to normal.    They fix them either through medication or by ablating (destroying) the area the PVCs are coming from.

It all depends on many factors like whether they are coming from many different parts (multifocal) or a single common source (unifocal), what part of the heart they are coming from.  There are other criteria I'm not recalling.

hope that helps.
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I would like to ask if you are taking any medication...  I ask because I had severe PVC's for 2 years (13,000/24 hrs with bigeminy that would last for a long time) and had normal results on all tests( keg, cat with contrast, echo cardio, stress test etc.)  It turns out that I was taking Ambien for about 2 years (doctor prescribed) and within 24 hours after stopping Ambien my PVC's disappeared and it has been over a year and a half without symptoms.  There are many reasons for benign PVC's.  
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