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Heart rate when i suddenly stand up

So i have been hyper aware of my heart lately and i lost a ton of weight, from 260 to 150.  I can feel my heart often now since i am skinny.  My question is, when i stand up, it feels like my heart takes a few normal beats then speeds up and slows down, it almost feels like my heart is lagging, not skipping or stopping, but it slows down then speeds up to match my movements.  I am not sure if my heart actually slowed down, since my resting hr is usually mid 70's and i am expecting it instantly raise even though it probably needs a second to respond.

I have had this feeling for years and had notated it on my 48hr monitor, but when it came back, they said they did not notice anything during that "event"
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Age and gender? How active have you been and what sorts of exercises do you do for cardio? Do they cause issues?
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37 Male, im not too active, im not bed ridden by any means but i dont get out and do anything like run.  This year we had a bad snow storm i was struggling with a bad snowblower and i had to use extra force to push it,  that threw some PVC's at me, but that is not uncommon.  When i mow my large lawn i sometimes get pvc's as well.  I had a stress test done and i had PVC's during it, doctors looked at it and said no big deal because my heart structurally is normal.

I should add that i was dehydrated during a trip and noticed the pvc's that night and during the next day (again, not a whole lot, maybe sub 10 in total) and 2 weeks later i started a new medicine that i must have had a sensitivity to because it caused my HR to jump into the 120's for a few hours.  took it 4 times in total (3 in a row normal dose, 2 weeks later half dose) and just stopped.  my hearts rate when back down.  I just hope it did not mess something up
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Your heart rate has to go up when you move...it doesn't stay at the same rate all the time. I t goes up when you move  an an arm or leg, when you stand up, when you walk or do housework etc. It is never still. It is a pump that works continually. As an adult, the normal range for resting heart rate is 60 to 100 beats per minute. ... Lots of things can cause your heart rate to speed up (known as tachycardia): exercise: when you exercise, your heart rate needs to increase to pump more blood around your body.
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Have you been tested for dysautonomia / POTS?
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No, i actually have an apt with my heart doc thursday, but i have had this for years, even during the 48h holter monitor.  They never really mentioned anything of the sorts.  My main complaint is noticing the change in rate and it bothering me
You should look into it. Autonomic dysfunction can cause exaggerated swings in heart rate even with slight movement. It is mostly noted to cause an increase of over 30bpm on standing or over 120bpm on standing.
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