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High heart rate Resting heart rate of 104 any movement it will go up to 150-160

My heart rate is high. Just sitting right now it is 103. If I stand it will go to 110 and when I walk upwards of 125 and the highest it has gotten is 160. When it gets really high I feel some slight pressure in my chest. If anyone has a premature heartbeat or skipped heartbeat you get this build up of pressure before the weird beat. It feels like that yet the pressure stays sometimes. Last week I had some pain and pressure in my chest that lasted about 4 days. Now it is just the pressure and only every now and then and slight. So I have been having COPD and asthma difficulties for about 2 months. My oxygen saturation has dropped into the '70s and even the 60s where I had to go to the ER for tretment 3 different times.  I came down with a cold/virus that was horrible for me with the COPD/asthma. I could barely walk my heart rate ws horribly high and I could barely breathe and very fatigued. When I went for treatments they put me on antibiotics and prednisone 50mg to take for 6 days. Then I followed up with my regular doctor who put me on more antibiotics and prednisone of 40mg and then to taper down. I then came down with a second cold/virus while I still had the first one so my doctor gave me the shot of antibiotic that lasts for 24 hours two days in a row and then gave me another antibiot and more prednisone. I was on that prednisone for about 3-4 weeks. I thought my heart rate was high due to the infection or the prednisone but now I am over the virus and off the prednisone for 6 days and my heartbeat is still high. What could be causing this?
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heart disease , heart valve disorder high blood pressure hyper thyroidism  medication and their side effects
sounds a lot like c.a.d coronary artery disease .insufficient blood flow in the arteries supplying the heart . just pop in a stent and  you will be right as rain
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I didn't know antibiotics had any effect on a virus  ,that's a new one
When you have COPD exacerbations they tret you with antibiotics and prednisone
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