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Holster monitor results diagnosed with superventcial tachycardia

Someone please help interpret. I was diagnosed by physician after wearing 24 hour holster monitor. And then referred to a EP.

Sinus rhythm, sinus tachycardia, sinus arrhythmia,
junctional rhythm, junctional beats.
Maximum HR 161 bpm. Average HR 79 bpm.
Rare supraventricular ectopic singles, couplets, bigeminy
and trigeminy cycles, triplets and non-sustained SVE runs.
Longest and fastest SVE run was 4 beats at 92 bpm.
Symptoms noted on diary did correlate with sinus
tachycardia, sinus arrhythmia and junctional beat.
S. Liskevich, scanned on 5/15/16.

Brief Interpretation ; Sinus rhythm ; Sinus tachycardia ; Sinus arrhythmia ;
Junctional rhythm ; junctional beat(s) ; Supraventricular ectopy ;
Symptom (s) noted did correlate with Sinus tachycardia ; Sinus arrhythmia ;
junctional beat(s)

Hookup Date: 20160512
Hookup Time: 085300
Recording Duration: 85020 S

Minimum Heart Rate: 45 BPM
Minimum Heart Rate Date/Time: 20160513 061306

Maximum Heart Rate: 161 BPM
Maximum Heart Rate Date/Time: 20160512 182453
Average Heart Rate: 79 BPM
Longest RR: 1.512 S
Longest RR DATE/TIME: 20160512 234344
QRS complexes: 111558

Ventricular Ectopics: 0
Ventricular Isolated Beats: 0
Ventricular Bigeminal Cycles: 0
Ventricular Couplets: 0
Ventricular Runs: 0
Ventricular Beats in Runs: 0

Supraventricular Ectopics: 352
Supraventricular Isolated Beats: 177
Supraventricular Couplets: 69
Supraventricular Runs: 12
Supraventricular Beats in Runs: 37
Longest Supraventricular Run Date/Time: 20160512 120511
Fastest Supraventricular Run, Date/Time: 20160512 120511
Maximum S-T
Levels Channel 1: -12.800 mm
Minimum S-T Levels Channel 1: -12.800 mm
Maximum S-T Levels Channel 2: -12.800 mM
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premature atrial contractions (PACs).  Some of these were > 3 PACs in a row which they call runs or SVT.  Some people live with thousands of these per day, your report shows a very light load of SVT.  Only 37 of the PACs qualified as runs or SVT. Some folks will have thousands of them.  Overall your heart probably beats 110,000 times per day, so 37 out of all those were PAC runs.  
Hi thank you for responding. My doctor diagnosed me with SVT and I see the EP specialist tmro to talk. Is a light load of these (runs) enough to diagnose? I get a lot of symptoms when these episodes happen. And have even fainted twice in past two months.
Fainting is called syncope so you might see that term in reports.  Since you are symptomatic (you have symptoms, the syncope) you should seek to fix the issue.  Sorry, in my earlier post I did not know you were symptomatic.
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I've had similar problems, although I never actually fainted, although I came close a few times. I consulted and EP specialist, and yesterday, my cardiologist did an electrophysiological diagnostic catheter study, and during the study the doctor discovered that I had AVNRT, or atrioventricular nodal reentry tachycardia, the most common of all these types of issues. I was under mild sedation and aware of everything. I couldn't feel most of it, but did feel it when he burned the bad cluster of neural cells which were causing my double heartbeat and tachycardia. Afterward, the doctor told me that my condition was congenital and I've probably had this my whole life, which was true. However, it often gets worse as you get older. He also said it's a 94% chance that this will eliminate the tachycardia, which is pretty good. This was my best possible outcome. It has been just one day, but I'm feeling good and keeping my fingers crossed. The only uncomfortable part of the procedure was lying still for four hours afterward to allow for recovery, especially of the area at the groin where they inserted the catheters. I'm very glad I decided to see an EP and do this procedure. I wish you good luck.
Glad to hear you came through your procedure with flying color, Don.  Enjoy your life now free of SVT...
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