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I need help with occasional strong palpitation please

Bullet points ,  male , 63 age , smoke no , drink no , bmi 36.8 , meds for fibromyalgia , b.p. , Barrets Aesophagus , cholesterol , pocket pill for A.F. , 4 to 6 low does cocodamol daily  . Self diagnosed Vegas nerve problems . I cope quite well with all my problems , during my two year fibromyalgia diagnosis one of the consultants check my heart , ecg etc and I was discharged the AF only ever happens if I forget to take my daily meds . Unfortunately I can’t i identify individual symptoms as the fibromyalgia symptoms trump everything . Two weeks ago I leant on all fours by a cupboard and had a powerful palpitation thought I may faint , as I’ve been having then since I was 17 I know how to calm them down , normally mild and no effect , but once every few years this happens , it’s all left side neck back shoulder left arm , the trembling ticker settled down after four day but still skips a beat regularly , laying flt raising arm any pressure upper left side is uncomfortable and triggers flutters and palps . Will this get worse with age and am I damaging my heart , sorry it’s so complicated , thanks
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Do yourself a favor and get a sleep study done to determine if you have sleep apnea.

Google "Pvcs and sleep apnea" and read a plethora of studies showing the correlation between the two.

I have demonstrated to myself over the past year that when I don't use my cpap, the PVCs return.  When I use my cpap they go away.

It can't hurt.  Talk to your Dr and ask for a sleep study.
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