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I'm having RF Ablation for AVNRT and I'm scared.

Hi. I know I've already posted about this but the closer I get to the ablation date the more scared I'm getting. It feels as if my heart knows I'm having an ablation and has decided it wants to act up as much as it can before the ablation. I've had two episodes in two days and was very close to having a third right after the second had just ended which has NEVER happened in the 11 years I've had AVNRT. As I've asked before......please tell me your success stories. All I want is to be able to run around like every other kid my age and go on school tours without having to worry about my heart acting up. My first two ablations failed and I want this to be the last........
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Sometimes the tachy is just sneaky and hard to control. I've had 3 ablations too and although my heart isn't completely quiet, it's so much better than it was before. It used to go tachy at the least bit of exertion. Even getting out of bed in the morning, I had to do it slowly or my heart would protest. Now it's so much easier to live with these occasional short bursts of tachy, it tends to end before I can even get angry about it. LOL

I do hope this ablation cleans up the errant pathways and you can feel better. Only time will tell. But remember the odds are always in our favor.
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Thanks for your post :) 9 days left now.......getting very nervous. I'm being put under general anaesthetic because I talk a lot when I'm nervous and the surgeon needs to concentrate. I'd just worried I'll wake up with the unwelcome weight of a pacemaker in my chest :( Please please keep your posts coming....I need all the reassurance I can get.
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Hi there, I have an EP study in 2006 for SVT. I was going to have an ablation to fix it but they could not get it to happen long enough to map it out so they could do it. So I guess I am not a success but I just wanted to tell you, dont be afraid of having it done. They gave me something that me kind of in and out. I honestly didnt feel anything. They talked to me and made me feel comforted. Just think they could possibly fix you so that you dont have to keep having your problem all the time. I wish they could have fixed me but I dont have the SVT all that often so I really cant complain when I read other peoples post and they have them all the time. I just noticed you said you already had 2 done so I guess my post wont help much.

Just pray because there are a lot of people on here that have had success. Sometimes it just dont take the first couple of times, 3rd times a charm though right?:) I wish you well, dont be afraid I am sure things will work out for you. I will be praying for your success. Sorry I could not be much help.
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I had an ablation in November for AVRT under general anesthesia.  I was a very painless, and positive experience.  After having it for 54 years, I welcomed the procedure. After getting a syringe of Vallium in the IV line in the day cube, I was so dizzy that I  barely remember having the mask placed over my face.  When I awoke 5 hours later, my EP leaned over my gurney and said, "You won't be having any more problems with that.". It was a great feeling to hear that.  Before I scheduled my procedure, I asked my EP about the risks and odds of something going wrong.  Assuming he was truthful, I came away feeling that the odds of something going wrong, was extremely low.  I went down to the cath lab excited about the prospects of having this millstone that has hung around my neck for so many years by interfering in my life, interrupting sporting competitions, dinners, vacations, all phases of my life were touched by it.  I don't know how long you've had it, but I hoe you see the relief I did when my SVT was eliminated.  Best of luck!  It's almost here!
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Thanks so much for your posts. Its nice to know people care. Also tom I've had AVNRT for 11 years. Unfortunately I'm only 16 so I don't remember a time when I didn't have this. Hopefully others will see this and post aswell. Thanks so much for your time and please, anyone else who see's this don't hesitate to tell me your story.
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Hey, love. I've had sinus tachycardia (and other unknown at the moment) tachycardias since i was about 17. I'm 24 now, have 2 kids, and i'm very very symptomatic. Some doctors think it sounds like avnrt, my doctor is yet to see the proof. I went in for my appointment friday, and he basically told me that until he sees avnrt on the ekg's he wont do anything besides medication (which had been failing for months now.) I hope that you are cured after this, considering my dr seems to think that avnrt is the easiest thing in the world to fix. LUCKY YOU, even though it might not seem like it right now. I wish my dr would just do the ep study and try his best to fix my heart...but he won't. maybe i should switch dr's, huh? lol oh and hey feel free to add me on facebook if you wanna talk about anything. I'd be glad to talk you through anything and i wanna know how everything goes for you :) i'm sasha primeaux, by the way.
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