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I'm tired of running in circles! what is wrong with my heart?!

I'm a 19 yr old female healthy weight, I have been to the emergency room twice in the past two weeks because of chest pain and horrible and multiple heart palpitations & irregular heart beats. While in the hospital my heart rate was around 150 which here recently feels normal. I am short of breath, my chest will get this weird weak feeling and I will get extremly light headed! They gave me an ekg and everything looked fine. Along with my throiyd & chest xray. Last night they found something in my blood I can not remember what its called but it is present when there is a blood clot somewhere. So they gave me a ct scan on my chest. Everything looked fine. They told me there was nothing else they could do in the ER. I also forgot to mention huge clumps of my hair are falling out. I'm not talking about just the usual hormonal hair lose. It's horrible! So anyways they gave me an adovan and sent me home. I have been throwing up and feeling nausea all the time. & when I throw up there is some food in it but it is mainly stomache acid. I have a regular problem with being constipated and then randomly have bad dihareaa. When I was 7 I had a tear in my inteston which leaked all over my organs and was given a very high dose of gentimican. I don't know if that would have any relation but just wanted to state that as well just in case. I will honestly feel fine one second and then its like I'm having a terrible anxiety attack but there is no anxiety. I get all light headed and can't stand. & then other times I'm throwing up stomach acid and have a hard time even thinking of eating. Though I do force myself to because I know I need to eat. I know this is very scatterd but I'm just frustrated. Any suggestions?! Thank you!
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I think you need to go and see a GP and get a full work up.  The ER is only going to check you for life threatening issues  and send you on your way so you need to see a regular doctor to get your blood fully tested for things like hyperthyroidism or hormonal imbalances.  It is likely if you get whatever is causing your symptoms addressed your heart will calm down, if necessary you will be sent to a cardiologist to have a proper work up of your heart as well but you need to go and get a full work up to begin the ball rolling.  Best of luck and keep us posted on how you are doing.
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Thanks! The 1st thing my doctor said to me was I hope you don't have cancer. Later into the evening she also mentioned it being possibly being lupus but I'd need to check with my primary care doctor. I have an appt on the 11th.  But I live alone in a state where I know nobody! My husband is currently deployed  so I'm completly alone (except the fur babies) I'm just worried that one day between now in then I'm going to have a heart attack, pass out, or get lathargic and nobody will have a clue.
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Also they tested my throid & it was great!
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Some of your symptoms do sound like lupus, I would mention that to the doctor when you see them but whatever it is I do hope you are able to pinpoint it and get under control.  I am not sure what is going on but heart attacks in young people are fairly rare unless you have an underlying heart condition like cardiomyopathy but young hearts can handle a lot so try to not worry too much as the stress and anxiety of that will make what you are feeling worse.  I would say until you get this worked out drink lots of water.  It helps the heart function better and if you are throwing up a lot it will help keep you hydrated.  Maybe even think about some of those sports drinks to keep your electrolytes up.  As well if you can get to know your neighbors just in case you need help and keep the phone near by in case you need to call an ambulance that may help you feel more secure being alone  Again I wish you luck getting a handle on this.  I send healing prayers your way.
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