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Is heartrate sometimes of 50bpm bad?

I bought fitness track Mi band 5 which has can tell my heart pulse. It measure my pulse every minute. I noticed that sometimes when I sitting that my pulse is lowers very shortly to 52bpm that returns to normal value. One minute is one value on this fitness tracker, I never had two time in row that small pulse. Otherwise my pulse is on some 75-85 level, on longer walking (3 kilometars) it jumps to 120bpm sometimes. Didn't try it yet on full run. I am no athlete, should I be worried? I wore holter before couple of years ago and I read today that value of pulse range were 56 - 125bpm and doctor then told me that eveything is ok. I wore it because I had feeling of faster heart bumping, nothing too serious. Otherwise no problem.

I am 31 years old, skinny male
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Hello-Most doctors don't consider a resting heart rate too slow (bradycardia) unless it is under 50 and even then, in some, that can be normal. I wouldn't worry about your rate, it seems good to me, but I always say if you are very concerned, then seeing your GP and getting his opinion will help put your mind at ease.
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"One minute is one value on this fitness tracker, I never had two time in row that small pulse." just to explain this, I think heart pulse measurment last around 15 seconds before fitness tracker tells value so I can't precise know how this low bpm last. Maybe just for a very very short time.
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