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This will be a short post but for the 3rd time my pvcs have vanished once I started drinking strictly water. I am going on the 2nd day with NONE. THoughts?
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I drink like 8 nbottles a day.
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I just want to add that drinking massive amounts of water like 5 L during a few hours can lead to deadly poisoning. Be carefull.
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I have done this 3 times now to gety rid of them drinking asbout 120 ounces a day of water and they have been gone for 5 days now since only drinking water for beverage. Not a coincidence in my case, but it may be for others. I tested this last time and cleared them up until i stopped drinking the water.
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Yeah I agree with trus from my experience. I use to do test with the common causes for them and never could get consistent results. I would drink energy drink on empty stomach to test. Couple times I wouldnt have any, other times I would have many. Alcohol. Exercise. Water. Food. Anti-anxiety meds. I cant take B-Blockers cause I already run a low heart rate.

But keep doing it while it last and if it stays then awesome@!
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I don't want to be negative, but sometimes it's just coincidence. I've tried all possible combinations of food to find a pattern for my PVCs, and I'm 100% sure that digestion has a big influence in my PVCs, and it's disappointing that after some time I found nothing very specific. For some time I thought Pantoprazole (a proton pump inhibitor drug) was responsible for most of my PVCs. I quit it and was feeling fine, but after a few months they came back and it was not because of that drug, so my theory was wrong. There is only one thing which makes me much better when I have PVCs:  laying on my back! It's almost like a switch for PVCs. But if I lay on my side, they come back :)

Anyway, I will try your advice and drink lots of waters for a while. This is something that I've never tried ;)

Good luck.

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