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Long Qtc syndrome?

My mum get results from Holter 24h.
The issue which worried me is the value of Qt/Qtc recorded.

Maximum Qt was measured by holter Qtmax=715 ms, Qtc=715 ms and bpm at this event was 86/min.

Ist it possible that Qt is the same as Qtc? And what about that Qt is greater than RR?

I know that this is automatic measurement that can be incorrect. I attached two photos of ECG from two another days (not the same when Holter was used).
Could you check them please and tell if Qtc is really prolonged?

The patient is 57 years old women.

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QTC is the corrected QT. I am not a dr but 715 seems long to me.
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But shouldn't go solely by the EKG report. It should be measured manually by a trained cardio.
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It was measured by Holter Equipment.

But I attached two photos to confirm it.
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I understand but it needs to be manually measured by a cardiologist
Do you think that someone here can measure it?
I did look at your photos and I got 420ms from, I just really didn't want to comment on it because I am not qualified.
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715ms seems ridiculously long. There is baseline wandering throughout! i eyeball lead 11 at maybe 410-420ms
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Could you check these links attached?
I did. I estimated it around 420ish through lead ii
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