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Long term afib experience

I write as much to say "hi" to many friends who I believe are still active and helpful on this form as to have a question: experience on long term afib.  For me, I have been in permanent afib for at least 12 years and have given up on fixing to just managing: rate control: blood thinner and beta blocker.  It has worked well, as far as it goes but living with afib is limiting on physical activity as is my aging : (   I use warfarin and metoprolol and a calcium channel blocker.  I can report that this long term use has not yet produced any bad side effects.  Not useful for explore my past efforts to return to normal sinus rhythm as that was the subject of my expansive participation in this forum in past years.  For all in USA, best on Thanksgiving, we all have much to be thankful for.
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Hi Jerry.  We've been wondering about you and how you've been.  Good to see you here!
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Ever get an ablation? Discussed AVN ablation? Watchmans? Anything like that
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