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Medication for PVCs and AFIB

I have been diagnosed with PVCs and AFib.  Also, been prescribed beta blocker, Carvedilol.  Will this help?
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Beta blockers are the first line of defense for PVC and premature beats of any kind and when there are issues with the heart.  Beta blockers help to relieve the workload of the heart thus lessening your blood pressure.  They may help lessen the amount of pvcs that you experience but even if they don't they seem necessary given that you also have afib.  Have you been put on a blood thinner or over the counter baby aspirin?   Depending on how active your afib is, blood thinners can help prevent blood clots as you come out of an afib episode.  
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I think, at this time, since my AFib episodes are not daily, my doc believes a blood thinner is not needed currently.  I just get worried trying any type of heart meds since I have never taken any before.
Odds are they will start you on a low dose.  Millions of people take them without incidence so you should be fine.  
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