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PVCs at rest and PVCs and pain when exercising

Hi. I am 33yrs old, male, 190lb, non smoker, used to play soccer twice a week. About two years ago I started feeling stings in my heart area and got nervous about it. I went to several doctors and EKG looked normal. But the pain was still there, on and off. Sometimes a few times a day, sometimes nothing for weeks. I regularly exercised during that time without any problems or PVCs.
Around Christmas 2017 I went to the doctor again because I was still getting nervous and the EKG showed abnormalities. A few doctors and EKGs later they diagnosed me with RBBB and gave me anti anxiety medication and beta blockers.
My day to day nervousness subsided all the way but I’m still not back to playin soccer because then the PVCs get really bad and they sometimes come with chest pain. When they happened during soccer I didn’t stop but went down to maybe 70% and there was no pain but the occasional PVC during the rest of the game.

My doctor tells me that it is all anxiety but it just feels weird that I would have these problems when before I never had anything regarding that during exercise. I am really nervous about exercising and avoid it but I don’t want to.

Is there anything that I could check out with my heart that might need fixing?
Help is appreciated. Let me know if you need more info.
Thank you
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20865165 tn?1550105202
Forgot to mention. I also had Echo and a Stress Echo done where I had a few PVCs but the doctor said those were normal. Blood pressure is normal, below 130
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