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PVCs safety net to keep heart pumping ?

Hello everyone , as some of you might know my ablation for frequent benign RVOT  PVCs is scheduled on 3th Octomber .  that date is getting closer and  I am getting more nervous because this means so much to me as I have been suffering from  extra ectobic beats since  I was a teenager 15 - 16 . now  I'm 22  .
currently on Rythmol 150mg three times a day .
last night i was reading someones post on here and i read that there's theory that PVCs keep heart pumpin if SA Node fails ?  what is this supposed to mean  ?  Does this mean that if  I get rid of my PVCs my SA node will fail ?  I am so confused . please help .???
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how to improve heart pumping rate
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Your question is not clear.  Do you mean ejection fraction and how was it measured?
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I agree with itdood. Try not to worry about your upcoming procedure. RVOT ablation is very common. I wish you the best of luck with your surgery. I can relate to your situation, I have been dealing with PVC's since I was 15 years old. I'm now 24 and going for my 3rd ablation later this year.

Curious- were you on Rythmol all along, or did your doc try other medications first? I started out on acebutolol, then flecainide, then the propafenone (rythmol). The only drug that worked to control my arrhythmia was the flecainide, but the side effects were too harsh for me to stay on it.
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You're probably referencing one of my posts. You're reading the post info wrong.  I was trying to explain why medicating away ectopics is probably impossible.

The "backup" mechanisms are called escape beats, these can come from all sorts of sources in the heart.  RVOT is a common source for ectopics, and a common site to have ablated.  RVOT ablation has the highest success rate in reducing PVC load (if the PVCs are coming from that region).  No one has ever died from having this done.
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My EP said to me that the heart doesn't pump blood as the result of a PVC.  It is a premature beat as the ventricle contracts before that ventricle has filled with blood; so it pumps nothing.  I can't answer the other questions.  Good luck to you with the upcoming ablation.
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