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Positional PVC's Anyone??

Hello all! Am I ever glad I found this site. I'm a newbie but definately not new to these dang pvc's. I was wondering if anyone else has what I call "positional pvc's"? By this I mean I can trigger them by lifting my right arm over my head, bending over, turning/twisting when only moving my upper chest, not turning my waist, reaching for things especially when reaching with my right arm over to the left side of my body. (Just seems to be my right arm) Even riding on a bumpy road can set them off which I think is very strange. Also with my last pregnancy, when the doc would have me lay on my back and she'd palpitate my belly it would set them off as well. Other things that trigger them are stretching while holding my breath, working on a burp that is stuck in my throat and talking without taking a breath. So basically anything can set them off! Just wondering if I'm the only weirdo here. If anyone else gets these "positional pvc's" please share.
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I am now almost 60, in very good health, and have had these positional arrhythmias for years now - at least 20.  They are apparently harmless - if disturbing - as I have been very active physically the whole time.  I also get the same blank or dismissive responses from physicians when I mention it to them.

I am pretty certain I know what causes it.  I am very thin with small bone structure and have an enlarged heart from years of competitive exercise.  I think there is no question that my heart is rubbing against either the rib cage or sternum to trigger such episodes.  In addition the heart is in close proximity to the esophagus, so gases from burping can cause them.  Lying down after eat a big meal is likely to trigger them.  Leaning forward can trigger them. Even leaning forward over the handlebars during biking can cause them, such that straightening to an upright position reduces or stops them.

Mine occur most often when I first lie down to sleeping.  If they do not subside I sit up more in the bed.  I have had all combinations of this problem.   Usually straigtening up, either in bed, or getting up and standing stops them.  When they persist while standing I can stop them by suddenly jerking my chest.  What better proof can you have than this that it is mechanically triggered.

There is also no doubt in my mind that stress, caffeine, extreme fatigue and many other conditions can increase their frequency of occurrence.

With my small frame and enlarged heart there is no simple way to supppress them.  I do not want to take drugs because I fear they will diminish my exercise capabilities, which have keep me in excellent health and condition for years (e.g. blood pressure at levels of young people -110/70).


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Amen to that! totally agree with you! I blame the vagus nerve that creates all this havoc with our hearts. I hate hate hate it, but love love love being with this community. You all understand as no one else does/can.
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Hi Michelle,
I have PVCs and they got so bad that I had an ablation last December.  But they "missed a spot", so my electrophysiologist recommended a "touch-up" ablation,
which I haven't done yet.  When you notice a run of PVCs, (bigeminy, trigeminy), try coughing hard.  I can usually get mine to re-set doing this. They also say taking magnesium and/or fish oil can help.  PVCs are definitely annoying - I sympathize with you!  I too think there is some connection between the stomach and heart because I too had my gallbladder removed, and I've always had stomach issues.  
Take care and take heart - there are apparently lots of us PVCer's out there! (Maybe we need to conduct an unofficial study!).
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Cant say I get them from any particular position as I get them always for no specific triggers.  They are just there to be a nuisance and probably cause  me cardiomyopathy in the not so near future.  
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i noticed that when i bend over i get them too.. but once i figured out one thing.... the only way to resolve this was to take up exercise for me. so what i did was basically do weight lifting  heavy squats with breathing pull overs...and after some week

oddly the PVC disappeared for many years!!!!!! cant explain why
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Yes, I basically have constant PVCs, but certain things - as you mentioned - do make them worse, especially emotional stress or too much caffeine.  I also notice I feel "weird" when it's a overcast/rainy day.  I've always wondered if the med Pitocin, that they give you when you're in labor, affects the heart because I started having all my heart problems after giving birth to my 3rd child.  Recently my EP gave me potassium as an experiment, and it does seem to help with the PVCs.  You just have to be careful not to take too much as it can build up and be toxic. Has any found anything else that helps ease the PVCs?
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