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Pvcs/pacs help?

Hi there I have posted a few times before and need some words of wisdom or experience or just someone who is going through the same experience as me to help me. I have had ectopic beats on and off for 5 years now I am now 23. I don't smoke or drink alcohol or any caffeine and my pvcs are annoying to say the least. I have had Ecg and an echo and blood tests and all the works and everything is fine I've been told, but recently they have gotten worse where I am having more of them and they seem to be happening in episodes instead of just one or two a day! I can feel them without holding pulse and even when I'm calm and fine sometimes it just flares up how is this possible lay anxiety? Just earlier this year I had the most stressful time ever with my heart and was terrified and I didn't feel one pvc for at least a month! So how can it be anxiety if when I was at my worst I didn't get them at all? Something doesn't add up.
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Only from my perspective: I am roughly 60 years older than you are and have about 20,000 per day (Holter monitor said 38,000 - without the Metoprolol). After two Echoes the cardiologist said: "Every thing is O.K. Go back to your family doctor, you do not have to see me anymore." Of course, I had already been told by that doctor: "Your age puts you now into a special category." Be that as it may, but hopefully my comment gives you a different outlook.
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I’ve pushed for very close family members to be burned for less than a 15% burden.

It’s a matter of practice standards.. and insurance.

PVC’s on their own are not typically dangerous unless the burden is exceptionally high.

Combined with other comorbidities it’s a problem though.. this is the reason we often Echo, draw labs or stress test with PVC’s. This also means that PVC’s can be a problem later in life should other comorbidites arise.. so they aren’t COMPLETELY wrong without risk.

Once the PVC is determined to be benign however the next steps forward are a matter of provider discretion.

Basically YES anxiety makes PVC’s worse.. but also.. PVC cause anxiety..

Who wouldn’t feel scared when their heart feels like it’s exploding amirite? This causes anxiety which in turn causes more PVC’s..

So which comes first.. chicken or egg? You’ll get very different answers and hence different treatment options depending on who you ask and there is no universally accepted guideline that tells doctors exactly what to do in this case.

Sadly most physicians are of the position that if you take the edge off the anxiety first the burden goes down and you can get a better feel for how significant the problem actually is. This approach is also cheaper and hence favored by insurance companies AND it doesn’t involve invasive surgery which means it’s all the rave nowadays.

Personally I say just burn it and be done with it..  just throwing the trust ole ‘anxiety’ diagnosis around seems like a cop out to me.

Make no mistake though.. your doctors not lieing to you. Anxiety is deffinately a factor in these cases and most of them pose no immediate danger. If it were to be a problem it would likely take decades before that becomes apparent.
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