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Pvcs please help

I went to the er again today, as after lunch my pvcs where going crazy. It scared the poop out of me. That feeling of it taking your breath away is just so unreal. I know you guys know what im talking about. ANyways...The Nurse there said he though it was esophageal Spasm. He said not all spasm hurt, and that that would explain the flutter and pressure in neck. There have been times where i felt a pvcs and nothing showed on the ekg. ANyways I wanted to get you guys opinion? I get pressure in my neck along with a forced breath following. I sometimes have to cough. I have had the whole 9 yards of tests and all normal. Does this sound more like what you guys experience? ANy help would help me BIG TIME. Much Love!  
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Yes this is typical.  Do a search and you will find numerous posts all the same.  As well what you feel may change and shift.  But the bottom line is with a healthy heart these extra beats are of no danger to you.  That is what is most important. To embrace the fact that you are not in any danger.  Hang in there.  
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thank you
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I agree completely w/ Michelle.  You're description of PAC/PVC is spot on for how they have felt for me before.  They take your breath away for a split second and make you cough.

Interestingly, mine are not always this way though.  I have not had one in years that made me cough but I used to get them like that.  Neverhtheless, as Michelle pointed out, they are not harmful and certainly won't kill you (most of us on this chatboard wouldn't be here if they did!).

The absolute 100% best thing you can do about PACs/PVCs is to not worry about them and pretend they don't exist.  This is of course considering that you've taken the necessary steps to make sure you don't have an underlying heart condition which presumably you've already confirmed with your doctor.
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