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Tachycardia in the morning...So frustrating!

I am so sick of either waking up with a fast heart rate or getting a bout of tachycardia sometime during the morning.  I mean, this is supposed to be the most relaxed portion of the day, yet my heart is so "irritable" in the morning.  This morning I thought I was ok, then I started getting the "old feeling" in my chest and when I checked it was 91, then 93, then I got all worked up and it shot as high as 146.  I got it back down, like I always do, but...ugh...I'm just so tired of even dealing with the whole problem.  No doctors can help me because they say that my heart is normal, it is just anxiety that makes it fast.  Whatever....I'm really sick of this (can you tell? hehe)  

So...who's with me?  Who has a fast heart rate in the morning and who is sick of it? It always helps to know that I'mnot alone, at the very least...(sigh)...
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Looks like I'm the first to respond to your pole.

Given I do not suffer from the problem I responded because I am a candidate.  I suffer from AFib, full-time, and am currently using only "rate control" and anticoagulant.

My HR right now is between the mid 70s and 80s, as I said AFib.  I take 100 mg of Metoprolol in the morning.  Without the beta blocker I'd likely be running about 130 and up/down variations. Again, because of AFib.

I do not find the high HR a problem, but the inefficiency, I believe due to AFib, of my heart does make me tire easily when I am physically active.  Walking and biking are not the joy they used to be..and forget any more running.

Hope this isn't too far off topic, and my sympathy to your frustration...try to focus on something you enjoy or that challenges you mind, that may help...as should exercise while engaging in mental distractions...sometimes I just day-dream, sometimes I try to solve math/algebra problems in my head while walking or biking...hope I don't crash : >)
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I have the problem.

I will wake up and my heart will be beating at 150 bpm or higher.

It is hard to fall asleep and easy to wake up, because I usually have palpitations and other symptoms.

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Sometimes my heart rate goes up-mostly at nnight when trying to sleep. Can someone please tell me what the difference between PVCs PACs and tachycardia is because I don't get it. My heart jumps and skips and squeezes, pulls and they all feel different sometimes. During the night I will have irregular heartbeat that drives me nuts.
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Hello again..

Tachycardia simply means that your heart is beating over 100bpm (fast).  Sometimes this is appropriate...sometimes not.  PVCs and PACs I think describe the flip flops and extra beat sensations you feel.  Hope this helps some.
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PVC's are skipped beats that are ventricular in origin, and PAC's are skipped beats that are atrial in nature, above the ventricles.

As far as I know, and someone correct me if I am wrong, but I think the only way to tell which ones you are having is by EKG. I have PVC's and it's obvious on the EKG, but I have had many PVC's that the EKG was not able to record, due to the fact that they were very short in duration.
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I see at least 4 people responded to my poll that this having a fast HR when waking up happens to them frequently.  For those who suffer with this, what are some of the reasons that you have been told about why this happens?  Also, does anyone else experience it?  

I had another bad bout of it this morning, and I am just desperate to find some answers as to why exactly this might be happening to me (for over a year now!)
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  Hi, I have responded to your poll.  If it weren't for the 50 mg of Metoprolol that I take at 10:00 pm at bedtime, I would surely wake up constantly with SVT (Supraventricular  Tachycardia) whereby my heart rate jumps instantly to 160-170 bpm for no reason at all.  I suffer from sinus tachycardia  with 120 bpm or so in the morning...I am usually quick to get to my Metoprolol of which I take 25 mg in the morning.  Once the initial morning tachy goes away I do much better as the day goes on toward evening I end up in the 40's and 50's bpm, but still got to take the meds. because without it I am sure to wake up all night with it and then comes the yucky morning again.
  I wish I knew why too.  I ask my cardiologist and he said that 1.) My heart seems to be sensitive to the extra shot of adrenaline that is needed to wake the body up and to get started with my day.... it's the same thing with BP mine skyrockets when I rise out of bed. 2.) anxiety about facing another day of unmet tasks and demands put on me due to family, work and etc.  Once I am home and settled down around 5:00 pm and after, I am fine.  What ever the reason I hate it!  And I hate being stuck on the meds. that make me so tired.  And then my BP and P drop through the floor in the evening making evening hard to function... then I take my meds. and can't get out of bed at night... but at least I can get some sleep and move in the morning!
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PVC's and PAC's do show up on a holter or loop/event monitor.  I have worn both myself.  I suffer from PAC's (premature atrail contractions).  I think only once I had a a PVC (premature Ventricular contractions.)  You are correct in their origins in the heart.  I hope this helps a bit.

Oh yes, to Autumnx1003.  Napping can do the same thing to me.  Cardiologist had no answer for that one!!!
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yes, you're right.

it can show up on the other devices, but I think that's the only real way to tell.

Plus, a loop recorder and Holter monitor are kind of like EKG's, in that they have leads on them and show rhythm, heart rate, and everything else the EKG does.
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If your heart is healthy, a mild increase in the rate is not likely to hurt in any way. You said it went up to 90. Now that's not high. But you get upset and up it goes to 146! The reason for that it you're feeding it anxiety. I know how that sounds. I'm not blaming you, but merely letting you know that you can keep your heart rate lower until it goes back to its normal rate by not letting your anxiety feed off itself. When you become anxious, it's like adding coal or a log to a fire. If you keep adding fuel (anxiety) you're heart rate will keep going up. Trust me; I've been through this myself for many years and slowly I learned not to add anxiety to my palpitations. You start by telling yourself that there is nothing wrong with your heart, it's just the same old anxiety thing, and maybe make yourself a cup of tea, watch some T.V. or listen to quiet music. But you must keep repeating the same mantra "there's nothing wrong with my heart. I'm all right," until you believe it. It takes time, but it works. Ask yourself why it doesn't beat that way when you're asleep. Could it be because you're not focused on it?

                                                           The very best, Awlight10
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Just this morning i woke up with rapid heart rate and i too reached for my meds and my anti anxiety med.  Don't know what tripped the trigger this time but before the day is out i am pretty sure i'll figure out what started it all. It is a scary icky feeling to greet the beginning of your day with but it happens. As i type this it's still pitty pattying along, i wish it would slow down. Hope you get yours under control. I know i struggle with mine at times Good Luck. and if you find a way to get it to mellow out let  me know
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I will wake up in the middle of the night with those palpitations.  Two things have helped
me.  First of all I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and given synthroid.  That seemed
to lower the incidences quite a lot.  Also if I do wake up with them, I get up, walk around
a little, sit down and breath deeply.  In seconds to a couple of minutes the rate begins
to slow down and before I know it, everything is normal again.  Don't know why this
happens especially while I am sleeping, but there you go.
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Wow--I'm surprised how many of you suffer with me!

Tell me...does anyone also experience fast heart rate after eating as well?  I havent been able to trace it to any food allergies.
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Yep, I too if I eat too much, like at Thanksgiving dinner, or if I eat something with too many carbohydrates or sugar content, I send my heart into a skip beat mode.  Especially during PMS, this fuels the fire and if I get too much anxiety over the palpitations I shoot into tachycardia mode.  If I eat moderately, stay away from a lot of sugar and concentrate on relaxation techniques during these times and try not to let anxiety get the best of me, it usually isn't so bad.  I too hate living my life this way, I feel deprived without sugar, and coffee, and Cola...I envy those who can enjoy life.  And I dread PMS so bad, I resort myself to bed rest...which makes everything worse.  As for eating too much, my cardiologist says that is normal to get a higher heart rate, the stomach needs the extra blood to digest food especially if you overeat.  I just accept that he is right, especially if you make yourself feel nauseated, this adds fuel to the fire... (I stay away from buffet type of eating.)  Eating in moderation from all the food groups and smaller portions but more frequently helps me.

Another thing that raises my pulse that drives me "up the wall" so to say, is I am unable to take warm - hot showers... all my showers have to be lukewarm- slightly coldish, whereby I have to have a few goose bumps... and forget about baths... the definately do me in!  Go figure...  : - (

As awlright10 said anxiety also fuels the fire... I had persistent sinus tachycardia that I had for 3 months 120-130 day and night.  I was hospitalized for it 4 times since Thanksgiving, and no matter what the heart meds. they were not bringing it down.  Once I realized that I wasn't going to die of this, that it was just uncomfortable, it slowly came down and now I am needing less heart meds.  I am on anti-anxiety meds. and going to support classes for anxiety, and panic disorder.  I never knew that it can cause so much havick on your heart rhythm...I am living proof that it does and slowly I am seeing myself to recovery and some days I feel like I take more steps backwards than forward, but overall my heart has been more happy.

I hope this helps a bit..it's an up and down road for most of us...taking steps to eat healthy, exercise (yoga has helped me the most), stress/anxiety reduction (even if that means therapy or group sessions/classes), and getting the right amount of sleep if that means an occasional sleep medication... all have helped me... I am sure most of us struggling on here can tell you that some of this is more easily said than done... but hang in there it will get better!
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I totally relate to so much of what you just wrote.  I am about to go take a cold-er shower myself, and PMS week is in full swing.  Yes...this is all so frustrating indeed :(  And, I also miss having a nice, icy cold Coke...or, better yet...a yummy Dr Pepper :(
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Gosh, I can so relate to you! I have been going out of my mind due to having morning tach. This has been going on for a year now. I wake up and my heart rate can be as fast as 124. goes down quick, bu tI don't like it. Scares the heck out of me. I've had every cardiac test with the exception of a cath.. all passed with flying colors. I wore the holter, and an event montor for 6 weeks. all came back fine. I even had a tilit table test. that was normal. My monitors Just showed some mild tach and a couple extra beats. I do suffer from panic attacks and I'm a keyed up person in gerneral.. they are trying to tell me this is why. I've been to the ER many times due to this.. it's very alarming. My xanax has been the only saving grace so far. but, Doc wants me off that and to try a drug called luvox. I've also had just about every other medical test in the book to see if the tach was coimng from other places like my thyroid.. and nope.. they can't find a single thing. This is an awful feeling and way to live. I now have had a couple attacks at mid day.  few days ago my heart raced up to 140 and B{ shot up.  Took my xanax 20 minutes later it was back under 100. My resting is high to begin with 80's 90's has always been like that. I'm perplexed and this is having a very bad affect on my life.
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Saw your post but didn't read all the replies. I have the same
problem . could be hyperactive thyroid, could be you might
have tacachyarida, could be low progestrone, , have you worn
an event monitor at home prescribed by a doc or cardilogist?
You could have POTS. .. Postural orthostatic tachychardia
sydrome? ..  .need a cardiologist that has a "tilt table' test
for that. It sounds like it's not anxiety to me . . .so just
BREATHE .. .and relax . .. .be persistent when you're
body is not "your normal" . . don't back down.
If you need to talk more . .email me ***@****
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OOPS! Guess I forgot you're not allowed to give your email addy!
Apologize to the forum and group
Never do it again!
heartracer Debs
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This is just a suggestion. I went through this myself, but I saw a show on
tv - medical mysteries and this lady had racing heart for over 20 years
and they couldn't figure out why . . . . then she finally got the right
doctor and they did a cat scan of her abdomen w/ contrast and they
found an adrenal gland tumor which can cause heart racing. . adrenal gland
tumors can cause hormones (catacholamines) that shoot out burst of adrenal,. .they're
rare but possible. . . I know becuae they found one on me looking for
causes of heart racing but so far between 2 idiot endocrinologists said  that
it's not causing the heart racing but I don't believe them. ..but
most doctors don't know enough to check for this.
Just thought this might be of help!
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For last 18 months I have had these symptoms on and off- but all seem to be worse around my cycle
- rapid heart rate
- "oxygen starvation"
- dizzy
- panic/anxiety
- upset stomach - both ways
- dry eyes
- blurry vision
- sweating
- chills
- numb hands and arms
- tingling in legs, hands, feet
- increased/decreased appetite (severe both ways)
- adult acne
- canker sores or just sore gums
- mood swings
- changes in my vision
- tremors upon waking
- deficiencies in B12, Vit D, magnesium, potassium, selenium, calcium, iron, omegas, lisine, arginine and the list goes on. (I got this done at a "holistic" doctor I paid for out of my own pocket. The test was $900, but worth every penny in retrospect.)

- Despite my tests, every doctor told me it was all in my head and that I needed to see a shrink. They treated me so poorly, despite my excellent insurance. :)

I did see a shrink. After the evaluation, he told me that something was obviously wrong with me physically because of my deficiencies. He urged me to pursue a correct diagnosis. He also told me that the only thing "wrong" with me mentally was the abuse I have sustained by the medical field. I went back to my doctor with renewed confidence and asked for every test I could think of. Because my doctor was hesitant to give me some of these, I simply saw several doctors at once and used them for the test scripts. I have paid a small fortune, but I have decided that the cost of a very used car is well worth my life. I was finally able to diagnose myself with Celiac's disease through a Celiac's panel test I requested. (When it came back positive the doctor looked so stupidly at me saying she was so surprised. She obviously never listened.) Then through another doctor I was able to get the capsule camera that showed the damage to my intestines. He said it looks more like Crohn's. So next week I will go to another doc for a biopsy order.

The point of all this is... malabsorption, regardless of its origin, causes "anxiety" and "panic". It also causes severe hormonal imbalances. It can lead to death, yet there are no scripts for it, only dietary changes. Therefore doctors do not pursue this diagnosis. They have nothing to gain from you if they cure you. It is a shame and it is probably the most widely undiagnosed disease in the world. Malabsorption is the primary cause of heart disease, diabetes, cancer and a slew of "psychological" illnesses. You have been informed, please spread the word and help someone suffering. God bless you and keep you.
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i have the same thing...after sleep and after nap...there could be 2 reasons my cardiologists explained to me...one is your body starts waking up about an hr before you do....that may not be happening ...you may just be waking up which will raise your heart rate...sorta like a shock to your body....the other is an adrenal rush...they want to put a loop recorder in me...i'm not ready yet for that...here is a suggestion...get a sleep study done...you might find out your not sleeping like you think you are...I was put on xanax about 2 yrs ago...i got taken off my sleep meds...i do believe thats when my problems started...xanax is for my panic attacks not for sleep...it doesn't help me with sleep...i do believe tachacardia can be hard to detect in some people....i hope i helped a little...
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I get rapid pulse after eating as well. Everyone's heart rate goes up after eating, but not everyone's goes through the roof.
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I was put on a heart halter for 48 hrs because of this.  It showed my heart beats went up to180 beats per minutes sometimes, mostly in the early morning.  Some things that have helped are to take magnesium and potassium supplements.  Also blacking out your windows helps.  I sometimes take warm epsom salt bathes before bed. I also am on Metoprolol  but it doesn't always prevent it.
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I also get morning tachycardia sometimes after waking in the morning or sometimes during the night. In the past the rate has been 130+ just getting ready to go to work in the morning. If I start to panic because of it, it will shoot up to 170 or so (this was recorded on a holter monitor). Also get occasional PVCs and PACs. I am on 10 mg. of Propranolol twice a day, but it doesn't always prevent it. I do much better in the daytime. Hot temperatures during the summer will also cause it. I also sometimes get tachycardia after eating, especially if my stomach is very full.
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