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Vtach sacred please help!

I’m very worried I just had a Event while on a road trip I was sleeping and than woke up with thinking and a very fast heart beat I’ve had an echo , 2x stress test , 2 echos and one mri. With a month long monitor , a two week monitor , 24 and 48 hr monitor. I had two episodes today felt like it stated with a skip so scared it’s idiopathic polymorphic vtach. I’m 17 normal heart with a ejection fraction of 60%. Is it a svt or vt. I get a couple pvcs and pacs a day. After the episode I am drained this has happened before while lifting and running. Can my heart handle polymorphic vt please help. I’m on spring break and can’t enjoy it.
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Polymorphic VT is an EXTREMELY specific diagnosis.

In fact it even has a close relative, 'Torsades De Pointes' that is so similar that many texts mislead folks into believing that they are the same thing.

Very very specific distinction. Even with an EKG of an episode it takes an experienced provider, preferably an Electrophysiologist or a qualified CEPS Nurse, Nurse Practioner, Physicians Assistant or EP Lab Tech to really be able to confirm it.

That said; I gotta ask how you came to believe it might be Polymorphic VT? Did you have a history of this in the past?
In fact;

In school Polymorphic VT vs TdP vs VFib was the single most common incorrect answer given on exams.

Only 50% of students would get these type of questions correct and many of those were simply correct guesses.
I don’t get your point in a normal heart it’s not dangerous
"Can my heart handle polymorphic vt please help. I’m on spring break and can’t enjoy it..."

So you're apparently concerned with this possibility, but yet in the post above, you're not.  So which it?
What she's trying to tell you is incidents of polymorphic vt are rare.  I know at 17 you may think you know everything, but you might want to listen to this person.  She's a professional in the field.
matto24 you would not know without a monitor u really wouldnt! i thought i was a veteran at pvcs,pacs,nsvt etc but i was proven wrong on my recent 48hr holter. u really cannot tell. 2210485 is great! has helped me loads!
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