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Were you recently diagnosed with a heart rhythm disorder?  Would you like more information on the heart’s electrical system?  Are you feeling overwhelmed, frightened and/or confused?  Are you scheduled for EP tests, procedures, and or surgery?  Is your arrhythmia medication giving you trouble?  If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you are in the right place!
The Heart Rhythm forum is comprised of a group of people who share an interest in learning more about arrhythmias.  The forum covers an array of topics including:  Afib, Aflutter, PVCs, PACs, SVT, WPW, palpitations, pacemakers, ICDs, procedures, tests, medications, post procedural/surgical expectations, and much more.  If it is related to your heart’s rhythm, chances are we can help.
Some of us have been living with arrhythmias for years while others are new to the world of electrophysiology.  Regardless of why YOU are here, welcome!  Here are a few suggestions for making the most of the forum.

1)  Check out the "Health Pages."  The link can be found in the upper right hand corner of your screen.  The “Health Pages” address topics relevant to cardiology.  Among the pages is a great resource for common cardiology acronyms.

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I joined this forum earlier this year.  I had started with SVT and was VERY VERY scared.  I wanted to contact people who were suffering with the same and to learn as much as I could about the condition from a reputable site.  My Doctors kept telling me that what i had wasn't life threatening but a nuisance.  I can tell you it didn't feel like a nuisance to me, much much worse and wanted to hear other peoples experience of it.
Once i'd been diagnosed with AVNRT and was scheduled for an ablation this site was great to learn about others ablations, their success and what to expect from the procedure.  I have now had my ablation (less than a week ago) and have told it was 99% successfull.  I am still here as I want to be able to share my experience with others i have gained a lot of knowledge from this forum and want to repay anyway I can by helping others!!
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You have found a WONDERFUL site if you are looking for support.  Heart rhythm issues are scary and sometimes misunderstood by the general public and the medical communication alike.  This site allows you to vent your frustrations, your fears, and your concerns (not the same as fear) with people who are much like yourself.  It is a safe forum to discuss that which your closest companion may not understand.

So come along.  Read the existing posts, and don't be afraid to join the group.  This site is EXTREMELY well monitored and friendly.
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255722 tn?1452546541
Sorry all.  I had a typo above.  It was supposed to read, "...and the medical community alike."  

Guess I should proof before I post :-)
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Thanx guys so much for those comforting words. Any little thing like that helps me to realize that it may seem scary, but I guess it'll work out. thanx!!
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Oh my goodness I was diagnosed with P.S.V.T, and its scarey, I dont wish this happen to anyone, but im sure glad im not the only person...If anyone wants to share there experiences id love to hear them.
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I new to the heart site also. I been battling palps and rapid heart for over 5 years. I tried toprol but had side effects and gastroparesis wont let me try other meds so I am not taking anything now. I go to ep tomorrow. I had a bad case of rapid heart yesterday while watchimg tv, it came out of nowhere. It was very fast and lasted 7 minutes. Today I feel very tired and weak,napping frequently. My mother got scared because she felt the rapid beat and see it through my shirt. Last week my cardio said it maybe+afib+but+won't+know+until+ep+study+done.+Does+this+sound+like+afib+or+rapid+afib?+I+had+some+last+year+that+was+bad+that+I+almost+hit+a+pole+because+I+got+dizzy.+I+do+have+history+of+heart+surgery+and+had+asd+repaired+22+years+ago+and+I+am+32+years+old.+Why+do+I+feel+like+a+truck+ran+me+over?+Can+they+tell+me+that+I+can't+drive+with+2+near+incident+of+accident?+Cops+were+involve+with+one+last+week.
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I had  a successful ablation for SVT  this past Monday which believe it or not I had for 36 years!!  I understand totally what it feels like to deal with episodes of a very fast heart rate and trying to get it to stop.  If you have any questions or just need to talk, I'm here to listen and to help!
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Hello there!  I posted a thread a few hours ago, but no one has stumbled across it yet, I guess.  Could someone help me?

I am 20 years old; twice I have experience this:

This morning, while doing nothing other than picking something up, I suddenly felt my body temperature rise and started to sweat profusely.  My heart began to beat rapidly... it felt like it was about to beat right out of my chest.  There was no pain, though.  I began to feel light headed and had to sit down.  I put my head between my knees and focused on breathing.  No more than two minutes later, it all passed.  I was left sweaty and tired feeling.  When I told my mother, she checked my blood pressure and said it was normal; however, I felt fine by the time I got to her.  This also happened to me about 4 months ago.

Moments ago I felt a flutter in my chest... like my heart skipped a beat or something.  I still feel slightly uncomfortable from that... like its about to happen again.  It felt like it was getting ready to start beating rapidly like early but stopped and went back to normal within milliseconds.

Could something be wrong with my heart??
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hey just got note from puppy, i used to be yellowrose but had to change my name to get in , so yellowrose  still around just new name .
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I have just been diagnosed with PVC's.  They happen at least a couple times a minute and my heart feels like it's worn out.  My doctor put me on Toprol and I took my first pill just recently.  I've never had this problem and I am freaking out!  I had an eating disorder some years ago and wonder if this could have attributed to this.  It's overwhelming.  Any advice???
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I am so glad I found this site and while I don't wish my malady on anyone it is comforting to know that I am not alone.
I am a 47 year old female that started experiencing palpitations and PAC's and PVC's about six months ago, although at the time I had no idea what was happening to me.
I went to my PCP and he took an ECG and refered me to a cardiologist. I did the stress test via adenosine and the stress test was abnormal as was the ECG so I was then scheduled for a heart catheter. The Dr found no blockages during the cath and said my heart looked fine outside of a congenial heart defect that I inherited from my dad but the Dr insited that this particular defect wasn't in itself harmful or related to the arrythmia's.
So after all of that I am back at square 1 with what is the cause of the arrythmia.
I have them everyday but somedays are worse as far as the severity, today is one of those "bad" days.
I have an appt. tomorrow with my OB/GYN and I plan on discussing the hormone options and having them checked as well as my thyroid.
I am currently taking a low dose of Verapamil but it doesn't seem to be making a difference at all and I am going to discuss not taking it anymore when I go back to see my cardiologist on the 20th this month since it doesn't seem to be **** anythig for me at all.
Any and all suggestions, conversations, advice, experiences are welcome.
thank you.

Frustrated and scared in the South
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I was bulimic for 15 years, which caused a hiatal hernia and GERD. I believe my PVCs are directly related to both, as the palpitations are MUCH worse after eating too much. Most doctors don't know squat about bulimia, and don't understand the risks or severity of it. I've gone to many who did not know anything about any link, but the ones who do know KNOW. Please don't let a doctor tell you there is not correlation. I am certain in my case that they are one in the same. You vomit your stomach into your chest cavity, the heart is bound to respond one way or another, don't you think?
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739242 tn?1234217827
Oh, meant to say I am scheduling to have the hernia repaired. I am also six pounds lost in my quest to stabilize at a normal weight (I am 181 now, and 5 foot 6, ought to be about 140). I have a feeling that with less belly fat to push the hernia up into my heart, and with the hernia hole sealed off, the heart might settle down. If not, I am all for the ablation. I have thousands of these suckers a day, and can't see spending the rest of my life like this. It is a battle, and I intend to win.
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Can you get your dr. to prescribe some ativan to have on hand if the pvc's really get you down.  I had 32,000 on a 24 hr monitor - and they will drive you crazy - i'm on toprol but doesn't seem to help - taking an ativan and lying down helps more than anything when I am feeling them alot.  I am going for an ablation - scheduled feb 9 at cleveland clinic.
Say a prayer for me.  I will keep everyone informed on my progress.
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Bubee said a prayer and will keep praying for you till we hear back from you God has you in his hands you will be ok.
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Anyway, to continue our discussion, after coming off flecanide (since it was not necessary to take anymore because of my fix, I discovered that my 16,000 pvc had increased to 32,000.  Dr. Saliba at CCF agreed to try and go after them, although he warned me that they appeared to be coming from an epicard focus and since I had an VSD repair in 1984 (open heart) I had adhesions that they were not sure they could get around - well, it was a miracle, Dr. Saliba went in a vein on the outside of my heart, then went in my heart and outside again into another vein that was right where he needed to be.  It was a miracle.  The GOD put that vein right where I would need it 65 years later for Dr. Saliba's talented hands to fix it. Veins I understand are very personal and unique, and could be anywhere, not like arteries that need to be in a certain spot.  I am in NSR - I have not had a 24 hr monitor on again - will do that in a couple weeks, but I could feel almost every one of those 32,000 I was having, and I am doing great now, just like to listen to the NSR - it is like music.  CCF is the best and so is Dr. Saliba.  If you have any questions for me I would be more than happy to answer.  These forums were such a GOD send to me when I was struggling on what to do.  Blessing, Emilyrae (Bubee)
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Hi everyone.

I've been feeling exceptionally bad lately and have come online for answers, since noone has been able to really help me. I've gotten to the point where any time I have a palpitation I have to hold back the tears.

The first time it happened I was in second grade. I was playing hand ball at school when my heart started racing and my vision seemed black and spotty. It stopped after about 20 seconds and I returned to class. I never told anyone and this continued for the next 11 years of my life along with palpitations. I got to a point where I wouldn't even get in a car or an elevator because I was so worried that my heart would start racing and noone would be able to help me if I passed out.

By 20, I began talking about what was happening to me. I was seeing a therapist and a cardiologist. The cardiologist thought it was anxiety and gave metoprolol to help with the palpitations. I decided to go to another cardiologist who ran some tests and confirmed that I was not crazy and that I was experiancing an arrhythmia. Unfortunately, after wearing an event monitor for 60 days, we were never able to catch an "episode" where my heart would race ( which only happens maybe 10 times a year). He was only able to see the palpitations. From the palpitations he told me it wasn't WPW. He told me it was not life threatening and that with medication I would be fine. I'm not convinced.

I still feel like something just isn't right even with the medication. I just get so sad and frustrated that I have these symptoms but there isn't anything I can do about them.

I'm thinking about seeing a new cardiologist but I don't even know if its worth it. Was I missed diagnosed or am I over exaggeratting?

By joining this group I hope to gain insight on the different tests, procedures and diagnosis'. I also want to hear what others are feeling and going through....I want to know I'm not the only one who feels so helpless.

Anyways, Thanks for reading my story and I really look forward to hearing what everyone has to say.


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Hope everything works out on your medications.  I am still on atenolol and see my cardiologist in August 2009.  Take for fast heart rate.  Working out seems to help with lowering my heart rate and BP.  I just tweaked my left hamstring and hope it heals fast, as I have to work out or my HR and BP increase.  Currently, I don't have palpitations, PVC's or other heart issues, but I do have to deal with atenolol.  Can be difficult.  Best wishes.
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Hi, i have just joined and dont know how to ask the doctors questions.

Im a 20 year old female. Last year i went to hospital with chest pains in my left arm and chest. After a chest x-ray, ECG and blood tests a heart attack and anything else serious was ruled out. However, as i still got chest pains and my left arm felt "achey" i was sent for a echocardiogram and an MRI scan. I didn't find out what the results were exactly but got told they were normal.
At my 6 month check-up the doctor sent me for a 24-hour holter monitor test as i was still suffering the chest pains/left arm ache, although much less frequent. i also suffer from migraines and often go very light-headed and dizzy, although i have not fainted. i also suffer from nausea and fatigue. the doctor wanted to try me on beta-blockers but first thought it would be a good idea to see if my heart was beating slow (hence the holter monitor)

I had the test done last week and have got a letter back saying i need to go discuss my results. however the appointment is not until the 18th may! (nearly two months away). it also says i need to get there 20minutes early and bring a water sample with me.

Cleary its nothing too serious or life threatening or i would not have to wait so long for the results. but i just wondered why they need a water sample, and what that could mean in terms of my heart.

I am in the final weeks of university now, and im finding it very hard to concentrate on my work when i have this on my mind. i dont think i can cope waiting that long for the results!

Any information would be truely appreciated.
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Hi I just joined the list and after reading several posts I am glad that I did I don't feel so alone now.  I am
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Hello kt!
   I just got on and read you comment. For someone so young to experience these types of things with your heart, it must certainly be very scary. I am 56 and have had what is called, PVC's for several months now. PVC's are preventricular contractions. I don't experience a rapid heart beat as I also have high blood pressure and the medication I take for that keeps my heart rate around 65 beats per minute. What I experience is a skipped beat. I actually feel my heart stop and then kick back in. It will do this off and on all day everyday and yes, even for an old lady like me, it is scary. What I am wondering about what happened to you is this, could it have been a panic attack? Are you under a lot of stress? I also have panic attacks and constant anxiety which doesn't help my heart. When one is under a lot of stress, your body pumps out more adrenaline which affects the heart making it beat faster. It is the "fight or flight reponse". I would suggest that you see a doctor and tell him/her what you've experienced and go from there. It's never good to let things go and pass it off and nothing serious. I will be seeing my doctor next week and I need answers. The medication I have been taking for these PVC's just isn't helping. I am afraid to wake up in the mornings knowing what I will be facing and not having anything to I can do.
      I hope you will be ok. Feel free to contact me anytime. Take care.
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I have been diagnosed with Mitral & Aortic valve prolapse with regurgetation (The "floppy" valve allows blood to flow in the wrong direction) due to having a connective tissue disorder called Marfan's.  Usually MVP is seen as "benign" but in the case of Marfan's, I run the risk of Aortic Dissection (Basically a rupture of an aneurysm, caused by the pressure from the regurgetation, in the Aorta as it leaves the heart?).

At any rate, Beta Blockers does seem to keep my BP fairly stable and low but I still suffer from chronic fatigue, nausia and lightheadedness from time to time.
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I'm so glad I found this site, it has helped me so much.  I've been diagnosed and dealing with PVC's (which are constant now) and I try not to freak out about it.  I recently had a stress test, and have a structurally normal heart. I'm on a beta blocker, but not sure if it helps much.   Seems lately I've been getting some runs of NSVT from the PVC's.  I try to not obsess, so I just suffer it in quiet desperation.  
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Hi,, well it looks like im not alone in this! Ive been told i have some pvcs,.. they are VERY bothersome at night mostly, Im scared to death im just gunna die in my sleep, ive had an ekg? (the strip of paper) and the cardiologist says it normal, im going for an ultrasopund on my heart on the 30 th of May,...i have controled high b.p with meds, need to lose a few ( 60) lbs ..:(smoker ,, trying to cut down/quit....these palpatations NEVER happened until AFTER the birth of my 4th baby, he was delivered by c section, under anesthesia, anyone have any thoughts????
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