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What rhythm is this?


Can anoyone tell me what is this?

normal beat follow by other normal beat followed by pause..

Example:  X - X   --   X - X   --   X - X    --    X - X

PS: The pause is exaggerated on the example, it's the same time as a normal beat.

I guess it is PVC in trigeminy, am I right? Can it be PAC trigeminy? Or Pac bigeminy?
I don't feel any hard thump, just a little "funny" sensation on my chest when it happens.
No other symptoms
Happens often when I have panic    


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I get the same thing, even been to the emergency room, i have pvcs. you could be experiencing either pvcs or pacs. i was told mine are not dangerous, but they still scare me. you should go see a cardiologist to make sure that it is nothing serious. because pvcs or pacs are caused by something usually stress. in my case it is anxiety. but you should still see a doctor to rule out any other possibilities.      
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hello there, yes I went to a cardiologist last year, and I had Echo, EKG, Holter and stress test two years ago, they said all is fine and It's all anxiety. But this bigeminy pattern with fast heart rate is really so scary. Hard to calm down
Yes it is very scary, it's a horrible cycle, the pvcs are caused by anxiety which then causes more pvcs because you are anxious. The fast heart rate could also be anxiety. Trust me I hate it as much as you do. I was told if there is nothing structurally wrong with the heart and it is healthy pvcs are nothing to worry about
Also the funny feeling is your heart restarting the pattern,the pvc is followed by a hard beat
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In a healthy heart they aren't a danger so just try to calm your racing thoughts down and take slow deep breaths.  Try to cough to break up the pattern.  The more you can work on your anxiety the less the crazy beats will hijack your life.  Take care.
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