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could this be AFib

i was walking in the sun and it was very hot suddenly my heart started to beat faster with ectopic beats maybe 3 or 4 i cooled my self down and it went away in seconds, but the ectopic beats or PACs lasted for a week could this be AFib? the doctor tells me it's just heat exhaustion, it never happened before. i'm 21.
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It could be Afib with a rapid ventricular rate. I would get an ekg reading to confirm though.
But i heard that AFib doesn't involve extrasystole, i got an ekg doctor say it's fine, i can describe it as my heart beating faster and harder with extrasystoles 3 or 4 i don't remember, what else could it be?
He says it's just palpitations from extreme heat exhaustion, i forgot to mention i'm a runner i run 12 km if i'm well hydrated.
If you’re a runner, you probably don’t have afib. While some fibrillations can come through to the ventricles (that is why afib is irregular) it is probably just. Palpitations. Extra systole is common though.
thanks very much, but can you explain why the extra systole lasted after the accident for a week, this is my main concern. again thanks
Some people just have episodes of extrasystole for no reason.
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