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rapid increase of heart rate during running

Dear Doctor, I am 25 year-old, a student in university.I am not sedentary, I work out in the gym and cycle to work regularly.

About 1 month ago, I started to run to improve my endurance, but I found my heart rate increase rapidly. For instance, my heart rate goes over 175 bpm (Zone 5 depends on my age) after 1 km even though I control my speed around 6 min/km. Sometimes, my heart rate can reach to 193 bpm. However, I do not feel uncomfortable expect tired. I attached a graph of my heart rate and pace. I am using Polar sensor strapped on my chest to monitor my heart rate during exercise.

I wondered whether a running exercise is suitable for me, I am afraid the running will destroy my body. Thank you.
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Thank you, probably I need to change another channel?
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Hello, there aren't any doctors on this board.
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