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slower than usual hr

i experienced a sharp pain in my head and it was uncomfortable as hell......but i noticed my hr was way slower than usual.....i usually have a resting hr of 77 but i just checked and its 60....im scared
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you don't need to be scared,just speak to your doctor about it. i feel like i have a lesion in my spinal cord because my HR plummets all the way to 35. i do know that the head and heart are related in the fact that when something is going on with your head,your pulse will be lower. good luck.
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Those questions would be best answered by your doctor, as DPWW644 suggested. Pain can cause activation of the Parasympathetic Nervous System that would slow the heart, but usually sustained pain, not so much one that came and went. Certain events in your head, such as elevated intercranial pressure can also affect the heart rhythm, again, something that was sustained and produced symptoms over a longer period of time.

Let us know if things improved or if you spoke with your doctor.
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Thank you both ....I suppose my anxiety is getting worse too bc it is very scary
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