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External haemorrhoids - can you do anything with them?

Hi I’ve had external haemorrhoids on the rim of my anus for about 7 years now and they do not go away. They swell up when I defecate and then shrink back when the pressure reduces. Like a lump on the rim of the anus where the blood vessels are expanding underneath the skin. I saw my general practitioner (I am in the U.K.) who said nothing can be done, just live with them.

He said you cannot do surgery because you would have to cut out a layer of the wall of the anus which could then cause fecal matter to leak out. He said he had seen cases where they had surgery that made it worse.

Does anyone else know anything about this? I was thinking of getting a second opinion.

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Hi Jonatan.
Thank you for sharing your experience.  I have had it for the last few months, but it was enough. I want already to get rid of them. When I had an acute phase for about two months, I couldn't sleep sometimes or couldn't sit in the car, depending on their activity. It was a time of learning. By YouTube, of course. Now, I know that internal hemorrhoids are usually painless but bleed. External are painfully often but don't bleed. One thing about the leaking. I read that our anus muscles always leave a small hole. This is why one of the functions of internal hemorrhoids is to shut the tube before the anus. I heard, too, that some people have leak problems after the surgery, but not all. Anyway, usually surgery is the last choice and depends on your condition. You don't tell if you have any pain. I have already met a proctologist. I know that in England, like in Canada, it is difficult sometimes to get a specialist. But you must meet him, especially after having this deseas for 7 years. I don't like it when doctors say something like I have it too, everybody has it, so you need to live with it. I heard one doctor answer to it: If you say so, why do we need doctors? Anyway, I agree that we need to study how to live with this issue. The diet, the sport, bidé, so on. I hope that my experience was useful.
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