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Best Treatment for HBv

I am 53 years old last month I have went for preventive health check up and based on the report findings the followings noted; SGOT 83 IU/L ,SGPT 200 IU/L , Doctor recmended me to see the Gastro.consultant , the gastro.consultant advised me to go for others test the result are as follows: Anti-dsDNA 16.6 IU/ml. , HBsAg test value 9520(Reactive) ,HCV,IgG test value 0.12 ( non Reactive) ,Anti Nuclear Antibody ( ANA) 0.12 , Immunoglobulin IgA 279 mg/dl , Tissue Transglutaminase antibody IgA 0.40 U/mL , Anti Mitochondrial Antibody , Serum 0.26 UL/ml , ASMA 2.70 U/mL , LKM Antibody 0.02 U/ml , Hepatitis B envelope Antibody test value (Ab) 43.0 ( Reactive) , Hapatitis Be Antigen ( HBeAg) 0.15 ( Non reactive),AFP 4.38ng/ml  , HBV DNA Quantitative,Real Time PCR 5156250 IU/ml. Based on this the Doctor advised me for the treatment  Tab.Entavir 0.5 mg one daily. Here i went for second opinion with Lever specialist consultant and he advised me to go for Fibroscan which the result is 5.91 Kpa ( Negative for fibrosis).Now the lever specialist advised for Viraferon Peg 80 mg once in a week and monitor CBC & S creatin every 15 days.I have not started the treatment yet as I am going out of India for 1.5 months as Doctor told me that this treatment will be given under there supervision , please suggest which treatment is suitable under these report.Also with vaccine this problem will be solved and how long i have to take this treatment.
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only if hbsag goes less than 1500iu/ml peginterferon add on before 3 years of antiviral makes sense
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You are forgetting most important test that is HBsag quantitative in IU/ml.
Get this test done also go for fibroscan test.
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thank you for reply

right know iam taking treatment from  st johns hospital Bangalore.   iam already started taking medicine  tenvir 300mg daily.
regarding hbsag quantitative in IU/ml and fibroscan test not available in Bangalore i.e why dr gastro not suggested these tests. in fact i was daigoinsed in the year 2009 and in the year 2000 was hbsag was negative and also vaccine taken  but my luck medicine not worked.
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Hi Stef
As shared earlier I have started taking treatment effective 31 Jan.2014 , please find my base line test report and after three month report for your review and advice:
Test Report on 28 Jan. 2014:
HBsAg ( Serum CMIA) quantitative : 7767.68 IU/mL.
HBV DNA Quantitative , Real time PCR : Plasma - 5156250 IU/mL.
Fibroscan - 5.91 PKa.
L.F.T.- Complete:
SGOT / AST 48 U/L.
SGPT / ALT - 106 U/L.
ALK . Phosphatase - 139 U/L.

Report after 3 months:
Test Report on - 1 May 2014:
HBsAg Quantitative ( CMIA ) - 6812.40 IU/mL.
HBV DNA Quantitative ,Real time PCR - 33181 IU/mL.
Fibroscan dated 14/6/2014 - 7.45 KPa ( fall under F1/F2 - mild fibrosis )
L.F.T.- complete:Report on 27/4/2014-
SGOT / AST 40 U/L.
SGPT / ALT  65 U/L.
Alkaline Phosphatase ( ALP ) 143 U/L.

Beside these I have done the other test first time dated 28/5/2014 :
Calcium , Serum ( Arsenazo 111) 9.80 mg/dL.
Phosphorus , Serum ( Molybdate UV ) 2.40 mg/dL.
Vitamin D , 25 - Hydroxy ,Serum ( CLIA ) 41.05 nmol/L.

I met with my Doctor today and showed him the report , he suggest to continue with Teravir 300 mg daily ,I am already taking Cap.uprise D3 , 60000 units once in a week , so far I had 4 Cap.of uprise. Last month i felt neck & shoulder pain and Doctor suggested me to take Cap.uprise 60K.

My question to you is am I in the right treatment or need to change please suggest.
Also worried on my Fibroscan increase from last time wherin ALT had reduced from the base line values.
I asked Doctor how to bring down the ALT , he suggested me to take Solubid 300 mg tablet , 1 tab. twice a day after meal for 3 months. Is it correct to take Solubid tab.

Looking forward your opinion .

Thank you,
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first thing alt must not brought down but as high as possible while hbvdna undetectable

as to tests we need to check when hbvdna is und still too high, also results at 12 weeks are usually not so important, just hbvdna to see if antiviral works

as to vit d it is too low and weekly dosing is not known if good or bad, the best schedule would be 10.000iu of d3 daily now.also check pth now and if it goes down while vitd25oh goes up, this will tell us if receptors of vit d are blocked or working.if receptors are working you should see pth goes minimum of normal lower range as vitd25oh goes 100ng/ml or higher

also no dairies diet is best when vitd25oh gets higher than 100ng/ml
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forgot to mention when vitd25oh>100ng/ml no dairis and 2.5liters of water needed
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Thanks Stef for your suggestion ,agreed i will start 10K d3 daily & will check pth as well.
one more clarification , should I drop the idea to take solubid tablet twice a day to lower the ALT ?
As per you rest of the treament is Okay.

Thanks again for your help & advise always give us hope to fight with HBV.
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