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Can I stop taking Tenefovir?

My doctor placed me on Tebefovir and I advised I will have to take it for year. I am just close to a year but I started feeling some backpains which I think I can link to bone loss due Tenefovir. I was undetected for HBV DNA and Hbeag -ve before treatment but had some liver damage (7.4kpa, mild elevated ALT and always felt lethargic and mild feverish). Now I am abit healthier but just the pain.
Can I stop taking the Tenefovir as I was undetectable before using it anyway.
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Can you tell me what your ALT was before you started Tenofovir, did it normalize after starting to take Tenofovir? Your ALT elevation and Fibroscan score could have been due to Fatty Liver, have you looked into that?
My ALTS are now normal. I have not done another fibroscan because it is expensive. My HBsag quantitative continue to decline before and during use of Tenefovir.
If those indicators are normal, can I stop using Tenefovir? Will I develop resistance (just incase I need to use again later in life). I am 30 years old
We are not doctors here (even though some of us maybe, not me) giving this type of medical advice is something that only your doctor can advise you of.  Even though some of us are very knowledgeable, while some are even biologist / scientist / researchers about hep b, stopping medication requires a conversation with your doctor.We are more of a community of like minded individuals trying to rid this horrible disease and sharing our experiences along the way with each other. My advice to you in terms of stopping medication is make sure your doctor is a specialist in hep b and liver disease and get a 2nd opinion before stopping TDF. The good thing is that TDF has no resistance (so far as we know) .The protocol for bone loss due to TDF is to move to TAF. Hope you feel better and good luck.
Hello guys I got these test results today, plz what does this mean:

HbsAg=+be, HBeAg=-ve, HbcAb=-ve, HbcAg=-ve, HbsAb=-ve, AFP(alpha feto protein)=-ve
Do Not take off tenefovir if you are on it, switch to Vemlidy if possible, people who been off on tenefovir, within less than 3 months got liver cancer due to flare up instantly and straight to Cancer stage
I once use Lamivudine Tenofovir disoprivil furmarate for 6/7 months, i stopped it after 2 years 6 months and no flair up till now.
I have stopped taking tenofvoir for almost 3 years now, it is conditional, after my hepatitis b surf antigens negative, hepatitis b DNA undetected and hepatitis b surface anti body positive, otherwise,  taking chances, antiviral medication, once started, it willl taken life long.  The only problem I have now is ultrasound shown little fat in my liver, hopefully I will continue to exercise and eat healthier diet.
I took TNF for 7 years and stopped last year. Like you i was undetected for HBV DNA and Hbeag -ve. Usually recommended for those with above about 500 units DNA. I have always been UND since diagnosis till date
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What was your HBVDNA before you started medication?
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Thanks guys for the response. Note that I had undetected HBVDNA and I had only taken TNF for 6 months. My doc placed me on it due fibroscan score 7.6kpa, saying eventhough my viral level is undetected I need to take it. Now I am confused as I am not sure I am benefitting from treatment as I don't feel any better anyway.
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I have been hbeag -ve and hbvdna und since I discovered my case.
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