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Chronic hep B, what should i test before taking medication?

I am male chronic hbv. 40 year.
I have been regularly testing ALT AST tumor marker AFP every 6 month for the past 3 years.
They are normal.

At some point 3 years ago i tested
hbv DNa was 9 log (alot)
Hbe ag was positive.
Fibroscan was normal 3 kpa
Fatty liver

3 uncles who were chronic heb b from mother side had hcc. 2 died at 64, 72
My mother is 68 year, chronic hep b. ALT very low. AFP normal.

Because of male history of hcc in the family. What adiitional test should i do regularly from now on?

At age 40 is it likely for me to enter immune clearance phase?
If my hbe Ag turn from positive to negative does that mean my body is going to destroy to liver cell next since it already recognized the hbe Ag?

Thank you very much

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At age 40 you should start getting ultrasounds every 6 months to look for cancer. What is your ALT? I think for males it should be 30 or less. Some new clinical practice guidelines are saying 35 or less. You need to reverse your fatty liver as well, that is very important.

The big question is can people in the immune tolerant phase benefit from antivirals?
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Does he need Hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAG) regularly?
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