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HBsAG value 4041?

Hi All,

My current HBsAG value is 4041 and I wonder what does this value indicate?

I am using viread for 9 months and my other current values are:

HBV DNA: 38 IU/ml
ALT: 20 U/L
AST: 21 U/L
HBEAG: negative
AntiHBE: positive

Thank you!
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My HBsAg value is also almost same. Not on any treatment.
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For most chronic hep b people hbsag ranges between 3 and 4 logs (between 1,000 and 10,000 ) IU, so your hbsag value is about the average.

As research on Asian patients has proved, having hbsag bellow 1000 reduces a lot chances of getting liver cancer in future. One can slowly reduce it with nucs such as viread or try reducing it much more quickly with interferon.
In the future the reduction will be much more easily accomplished with medicines such as cuban vaccine or repac, but it will take some time until these medicines are approved for use.
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