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Hepatitis b testing

Hello I wanted to ask me and wife have been vaccinated for hepatitis b

1) but just to check  if we are hepatitis b negative  

If we hepatitis surface antigen only test that’s enough ?

2) if not can you please tell tested needed to be performed thanks
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I am not a doctor. Please do not test for HbsAg status if you received your HBV vaccine recently(within the previous two weeks). Because the HBV vaccine is the HBsAg itself, it may cause you to have a false positive HBsAg.
I would suggest you also test:
1. HBsAb - a value of > 10 iu/L indicates you are protected.
2. HBcAb - A positive value indicates you had HBV infection before your HBV vaccination. If that is the case, your doctor may suggest you also measure your hbvdna , to rule out occult HBV infection(negative HBsAg, but hbvdna not zero).  Don't be alarmed by this possibility which is very low and its clinical significance is not yet fully clear.
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I meant if I do hepatitis b surface antigen test that should be enough ?
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