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Very worry please help me to understand

Hi,My husband 37 years diagnosed this week with hepatitis b by chance. His lab results as follows:
Hbsag positive
Hbeag negative
Hbeab positive
Hbcab total positive
Hbcab igm negative
Dna quantitative is 680 iu.
Alt and ask is normal.
Ultrasound is normal.
After reading alot from you here i believe he is a chronic but The doctor said he is not need for treatment right now and let's see the next 6 month you may be have a chance to clear it.his incidents are(he had a blood transmission when he is one year old and he was in the dentist from 7 months)..
My questions are:
1- is he have a chance to clear it really or he is confirmed chronic phase?
2- if its a chronic phase from child,is he in a danger because he is in his fourth decade of age?
3- we married since 10 years and iam tested negative for all hbv markers,how is that,any clarification? Am I an occult hbv seronegative?
4- we have two boys (5 &8) years old.they tested negative for hbsag and dna und.they have the vaccine at (2,4&6 months after birth) but not at first 24 hours ..is they clear? Is vaccine can be effective even if they don't take it at first day of birth? Or may its an occult patients??

Please help me cause I can't sleep from worry about my husband and my sons..
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Any reply please?
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I understand your concerns. not easy. lets stay strong and follow drs guidelines. find a good gastroentorologist (important), follow ups are very important (2 blood work per year + 1 us scan per year + 1 fibroscan  every 2 years)  most important is to understand what hep b is. reading and learning is important. life continues with or without hep b.

1) as dr said yes. but unfortunately most of the cases are chronic
2) having hbv is indeed a danger but you cannot directly relate it to the age. there are a lot of other criterias. (status of the liver). dr knows the best
3) are you vaccinated? if not maybe you were able to clear yourself
4) it is good that they are vaccinated. ask dr to check their anticorps levels to make sure vaccins were effective.  
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Thank you for your help, iam very appreciate it, but can someone be in an acute phase without igm antibodies, is that ever happened before?(if I assumed that he got the infection from the dentist since 6 or 7 months can he able to clear it within a year or that never happened before?
For me how I cleared the infection without hbcab be positive (i think it persists for life as I read) but iam negative for all markers!!!
And my last concern if I was get the infection when I was pregnant in my first child was the vaccine in 2,4and 6 months protected him or no protection happened cause he didn't get the vaccine at first 24 hours?..thank you for your help
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