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What does this mean?


does this test mean that i had long ago a hepatitis b that is "cured" now? :(

Hbs-AG negative
Hbs-AB 8 / < 10
Hbc-AB positive
Hb DNA Pcr quant < 10 / <10

HBV DNA not found.

Thanks alot for your help.
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in two weeks i have finally the appointment with the doctor from the hepatology. I am so so scared that he will find some damage on the liver. :(

My latest results from the liver are:

AST - 14 (Ref. Value: 10 - 34)
ALT - 8 (Ref. Value: < 41)
GGT - 58 (Ref. Value: 11 - 50)

The higher GGT results are probably (at least i hope) from the medicaments that i have to use for my rheumatic disease they are pretty heavy. My doc said it's normal but i don't know.

I have researched so much about hepatitis in the last days that i started to dream already about it. It looks like i had long ago an infection with hbv and actually the virus is like "cured"/inactive/sleeping.

There is not much information about the antibodies like i have. In some hepatology handouts that i found on the internet it says: If the antibodies are barely or not more visible and the antigen is negative then the infection was long ago and not more active now and that you can try to vaccine again.

I have like the most people no idea where i could have get infected. Im 30 now and they found it out on a routine check because of my rheumatic disease we wanted to use that TNF Blocker and because the TNF Blocker is a immunsuppresive medicament it can reactivate my Hepatitis but it looks like that is no option now for me but that is another story.

What a year for me...first i got some months ago the diagnosis uncurable rheuma disease and now this hepatitis.

I hope so much that my liver is fine. The waiting makes me so paranoid and sad im thinking all the time about it.

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What i forgot to tell you guys before they detected my rheuma disease i had to do a full body MRI. I wonder if they could have seen already there if my liver is damaged but i think so.
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